For those who criticize the crying women theme, they are simply portraying the reality. As I mentioned above they need to stop trying to put music in every scene — no need! Then I thought about you SZ and my friends here and decided to get out of the car and see how it goes. My initial reservations regarding falak’s return to salman dies itself as end gave some ajeeb si satisfaction. Kifayat Rodini Directed By: How lovely to hear from a silent reader — thank you for taking the time to comment — much appreciated!

Eventually Momina also came on as producer. Shehre zaat comes second only to Meri zaat Zarra Be Nishan, which was a masterpiece in my opinion. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Seems really unfortunate that such a thought-provoking and consciousness raising drama is sullied by distasteful and narrow-minded bickering. I should have also included D for Dialogues. I agree, no point in a live show without Sarmad!

Mohid tries to help Naseema and Alizeh when he understands what situation they are currently in.

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Thank you, all of you who watched. Aamer Oct 25, If we think of our lives as passing through a dark tunnel, then God is the light that epixode show us the way out, but unless we seek out that light, we will continue to stumble.

And with content now being uploaded on the internet, it has also found a whole new audience. Y — Yaar ko humney jaa ba jaa dekha… Z — zaat. With Shehr-e-Zaat you made us all Speechless. You bring up a very interesting point about the extent epislde which we can we hold our media responsible for the various messages that are being put out — surely there is some responsibility on us as viewers as well. Most problems in our lives stem from this. I love love Hisaam, he is one of my fav directors.


Never have I read such a perfect analogy for anything before. Anyway they reeked of smoke and looked nothing nothing like they do in Bollywood movies.

How far along we are in our journey and how much more to go is entirely dependent on us, the mirror has been held up — are we willing to step out of the rat race and pause long enough to see the truth reflecting back at us?

Loved reading your beautifully penned comment — thank you for your very kind words, I am beyond touched! Ishq Gumshuda Ali Humayun Saeed loves Alizeh Sarwat Gilani dearly and s to marry her but she has always seen him as a friend and thus chooses to decline the proposal. It deals with the problems that Pakistanis face while living abroad.

Her doctor was in f and usually I used to accompany her. Most american adaptations are never the same as the book. KAK Oct 21, Though Sikandar keeps professing his love constantly, he is also a short tempered guy who gets violent with her frequently.

When they meet again years later, Zaroon proposes marriage and Kashaf, who is an independent woman by now, is quite hesitant. Email required Address never made public.

Things change dramatically when her husband marries another woman and she decides to marry her old lover. Falak having so much grace and contentment on her face meeting with Salman pnline that she has moved on. Where to begin from? All dramas mentioned are outstanding but in my opinion Udari tops the list.

She starts discovering the actual meaning of life and starts directing her anger towards constructive projects. Jhoola — swing, representing restlessness Falak thinking about Salman forgetting their anniversary, how could he, etcrepresenting indecision what should I do now, whom to talk to, how to solve this issuerepresenting the human mind that jumps from one thought onlie another in a fraction of a second, unsettled, swinging between practical and illogical, between rational and irrational….


Surprised Udaari did not make the list? It was important for Mehrunissa too to take stock of her own life having allowed herself to get sucked into the rat race of keeping up with the Joneses.

Love reading all your stories and have to agree with you, how can one not rem SZ and her reviews, i think isliye OKB was lurking, he wants a SZ review. Everything about this drama was just near perfect.

We usually do not see such stuff on television, except for the voiced thoughts of the characters. Sadaf Haider Oct 21, My drzma reservations regarding falak’s return to salman dies itself as end gave some ajeeb si satisfaction. Thank you so much — glad you enjoyed it!

Every Friday I used to become more stronger person.

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Zara Sanam Baloch and Maleeha Aamina Sheikh are best friends despite the huge class difference between them. Dear Mahira, Thanks so much for taking the to read and comment — and thank you also for your very kind words — much appreciated!!

Naani was fabulous, will remember her nasiyeeats for a long time. Some questions that my family was wondering about: It was the fact that Salman did not even remember her that led to pursue him.