Himself – Interviewee voice Shmuel Frenkel Waltz With Bashir turns the recollections and re-enactments of the war into visually stunning works of art and will leave you utterly devastated. In every war and conflict, it is too easy to label one group the good g “One night in Beirut in September , while Israeli soldiers secured the area, Christian militia members entered the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila and began to massacre hundreds, if not thousands, of Palestinians. E, quindi, eccomi alla graphic novel. Somehow that made certain parts of the plot feel contrived, like they probably flowed better in that genre than as a graphic novel. One must remember in order to forestall similar atrocities in the future. Connections Featured in WatchMojo: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Not everyone has an interest in reflecting on their war-time experiences in a critical way, and not everyone thinks massacres are bad. This is a documentary that’s one of the most original of it’s kind, thanks in large to it’s strikingly powerful artwork. But he can’t remember anything from the war beyond vague details and sets out to unravel the pieces to finally achieve some semblance of piece in his sleep. The animation, with its dark hues representing the overall feel of the film, uses a unique style invented by Yoni Goodman at the Bridgit Folman Film Gang studio in Israel. In this dream, a group of dogs run through the streets looking for him, knowing they want to kill him. Sometimes people keep them stuffed down deep or don’t see a reason to question such events.

Waltz with Bashir

Want to Read saving…. Retrieved 10 February He concludes that his amnesia stemmed from his feeling as a teenage soldier that he was as guilty of the massacre as those who actually carried it out. Mark Walker Super Reviewer. Isn’t it better to pray?

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Maybe a minute or two, within which peace can get bashirr toehold, if nothing else. The recollections accumulate until Ari Folman arrives at Sabra and Shatila and his investigation reaches its terrible end.


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Through these scenes the film goes to great lengths to provide both hard hitting accounts on life during the war as a soldier, and surreal images which deal more with the psychological implications of war. The illustrations were phenomenal and engaging.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Waltz with Bashir holds no punches in criticizing itself. Some reviewers have viewed the music as playing an active role as commentator on events instead of simple accompaniment.

Taking full advantage of the animated medium and combining it with a beautiful score and a coherent, intelligent and enlightening script, Folman delivers a memorable and confronting biographical drama that is always interesting to watch, even if it all does feel like a nightmarish dream Jan Marc Macababayao Super Reviewer.

Much of the story is about the elusive nature of memory, and what scars the trauma of war leaves. Waltz with Bashir, by Ari Folman, it is about amnesia and dealing with things you can’t handle. Yes No Report this. Nominated for 1 Oscar.

Having never been to war myself I find it fascinating to onoine how individuals dealt with all they see and do in the heat of battle. On Waltz with Bashir by Jayson Harsin”. More Top Movies Trailers. Aug 03, Edward Rathke rated it liked it.

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It tries to take a clearer and closer look at how vulnerable we all are to the stories we are told, to the narrative tug of our own survival mechanisms. The colours chosen by wztch artist and the outline given to the characters emphasise this feeling of urgency; the fragility of the soldiers’ souls; the craziness sbutitles in the decisions taken by a few; the consequences the young boys have to face once the battle is over. Not merely for my reading habits, surely, but perhaps for the whole human race.


While the story never fully completes itself–Folman aatch recalls his past in its entirety–Waltz With Bashir does give us a detailed glimpse into the world of a modern day soldier in the Middle East. Oct 31, Rating: Particularly touching, for me, were the last few pages of the book, which showed real pictures from the events described by Folman in his memories.

I plan to watch the movie, and deducted a star because it felt unfinished in some crucial manner. But he can’t remember anything from the war beyond vague details and sets out to unravel the pieces to finally achieve some semblance of piece in his sleep.

Share this Rating Title: What people knew and did not, what they did and did not. It was cleverly constructed, moving back and forth from the waptz protagonist and his search wifh his lost memories via contacting old comrades, and the depiction of the actual events during the time of his and their youth. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

If anything he abhors them. At the end there is a great switch from comic to real footage of the massacre discussed in the entire book.

They were part of the army, and they had ordnance, but they had little passion for battle, the Israeli participants. Aug 22, Hayel Barakat rated it liked it Shelves: Full Cast and Crew.

This phenomenon is not unknown. The film took four years to complete.