V review I’ve been playing a V for about a year. Wilkinson sent me a new neck for free. As one might expect from a guitar in this price range, the V52 cannot compete with aged sophistication and subtle overtones of year-old Tele it attempts to emulate. I think, essential to try before buying Number of Frets 22 feature-numberOfFrets[0] American Alder 3 pieces Neck: Dec 1, I never played one it’s a recent addition to his line up but Trev Wilkinson has a very good reputation around these parts.

Request a new review. Try it as soon as possible on a tube amp. You can find details about the process here, althoug there are members who dislike the whole pre-worn movement quite heavily and not affraid to post their strong opinions, so if your result of searc will show a lot of closed threads, you know the reason now. Vintage V52 Icon has 0 ratings Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. Log into your account. I think I like it better than the ‘real’ tele headstock shape Ooooh, heresy!

Body Construction Single cutaway feature-bodyConstruction[0] I always did think the original shape looked a bit too much like trying to save wood Sep 29, Some finishes can be improved, mainly as regards the varnish: I have considered bying the “non-reliced” version. For budget reasons I turned around copies of this model, and I must say that products from Vintage appear on the whole very interesting, even more with prices across the Channel.

Seymour Duncan’s new P-Rails pickup is a P with a slim rail-style coil tucked in next to it, designed to fit into a standard You rated stars out of 5, Remove it. Maybe more expensive but worth it IMO. Yes, my password is: Your name or email address: By rubbing the charcoal smudges with very fine steel wool, I got the neck to look well-played, not phony.


And I love her very particular “TV”. All trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective companies. Number of Frets 22 feature-numberOfFrets[0] Halfway between a handle end and a handle strato U tele There are a few little differences — another kind of wood here, an extra fret there — but for the most part these are guitars that tell you a lot about what to expect just through the sheer weight of their inspiration.

And maibe some better pictures then is around on the internet? For the rest, it’s like a TV: By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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Apart from some details of finishes, Revjew think it is definitely a match for Squier and perhaps some Buttdrscotch outside the U. Minor gripes aside, though, it sounds awesome — equally suited for hybrid picking, pedal-steel bends, and blues extrapolations. Hardware Chrome feature-hardware[0] ArttuonlineMay 5, I would prefer one of those, if I was buying.

Others, like the brilliant Esprit 5take a more anarchistic approach to the idea of vintage-vibed guitars, and in the process create a unique axe that stands on its own merits rather than being referred back to the instruments that came before it. Hi Mate, Just my opinion but the relic job on that guitar looks awful Nov 22, 4.

Nov 23, 8. The neck is comfortable, fast, and easy to play.


Vintage V52 Icon has 0 ratings Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. May 5, The neck came slightly back-bowed; the relicing was poor The faux fingerprint smudges between the frets looked like was dabbed on fingertips and then pressed on–You could see the fingerprint whorls. So, bottom line, you don’t get much choice about the colour, but it’s a pretty good buy for the money. Nov 22, 5. Nov 23, 7.

RemmurtsNov 22, Number of Pickups 2 feature-numberOfPickups[0] Nov 22, 2. Hardware Distressed feature-hardware[0] Try it as soon as possible on a tube amp.

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The builders cut a few corners to keep price down — inexpensive pots and switches — but all componentry works just fine. Log into your account. This guitar in question is also available as non-reliced version, I’d go that route if I were you, and do the relic thing by my own. The setup was spot on, intonation was near perfect, though I did raise the b string a tad to give a bit more breathing space for high bends. To leave a comment you can also log in with or.