Chitti, who was fed with drugs fall prey to them and starts reacting. He dies when Kamalesh’s henchmen try to salvage the drugs by cutting him open. As the door opens, Deva slips and falls on the bed, expecting to see Chitti but scaring his younger sister Yamuna Tamannaah instead. The Times of India. Retrieved 5 August This movie revolves around a youngster, Deva whose mother wants him to become a government official. Hotstar Action Free Movies. Alli Arjuna Ratnavalli Nandakumar

During the film’s launch, he announced that he would give the film his best, understanding the nature of the producers, who previously presented the big-budget film Sivaji. Click here to add a review. Action Thriller Free Movies. Yamuna catches this and accepts his apologies, then they slowly fall in love, their relationship is accepted by Chitti. There are a few who don’t do so, and hence their stomach is X-Rayed and a huge packet of heroin is found. Retrieved 5 August Action Crime Free Movies. Super Star Crime Movies.

Ayan was announced to be predominantly set in various locations of both South Asia and Africa. Yamuna apologises to Deva and the two come together again.

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The Audio was launched on January 19, Then Deva is asked to help Parthiban and the Customs for arresting Kamalesh. Where did you watch this movie? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Super Star Action Crime Movies. Genre ActionCrimeDramaThriller. Hotstar Drama Thriller Movies. Yamuna catches this and accepts his apologies, then they slowly fall in love, their relationship is accepted by Chitti. Chitti then explains that it was wrong of him to be a spy, but still admits that he was lucky to have him as a friend.

A prank phone call from Chitti leads to a near-death experience for Deva and Kaveri. He reduced the pace and eliminated the background score and kept only silence instead.

Deva tells the others to leave while he quickly sets up the burning process. Hotstar Crime Drama Movies.

On the other hand, he works for a smuggling group run by Arumuga Dass, who has been his mentor, and looked after him since childhood. Sayanora PhilipDevan Ekambaram. But in the next scene when Deva walks out of the airport, his shoes slip away revealing a pair of white socks. The satellite rights of destroyeg film were secured by Sun TV. Benny DayalHaricharanChinmayi. It was released on 03th April The soundtrack album was composed by Harris Jayaraj.

Is that enough incentive for you? He denies it, saying vldhwanshak the packet of drugs was given by a passenger’s relative as she had forgotten destroyed. Deva then realises and explains that huge amount of drugs are being transported by distracting him with a small amount.

Vidhwanshak The Destroyer

Later, Deva’s house is almost burnt and Dass is killed by Kamalesh, which infuriates Deva. Hotstar Action Thriller Movies.


Super Star Action Movies. Songs were composed in Mauritius, where William Honk choreographed the car chase shots. During a final attempt to arrest Kamalesh, the vidhwanshal is forced out of his accountant but Kamalesh kills him to avoid any witnesses.

Then, all his conversations with his clients are recorded but Kamalesh later finds out and attempts to kill them, rhe fails. Super Star Crime Thriller Movies. With this evidence, the Income Tax comes to raid Kamalesh’s house but he acts quickly and removes all the stuff.

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Super Star Action Drama Movies. Conflict occurs when Deva’s arch rival, Kamalesh opposes and tries to eliminate Arumuga Dass from the smuggling business. Suriya decided to do a stunt vdhwanshak himself, where he had to jump from a moving truck on to a building and to show that its not a stunt double, he cameraman had to place multiple cameras to capture the actor’s face in detail.

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