Retrieved May 13, To summarise, making a show about gaming could be great, but think about your main audience, late teens to early twenties, gaming enthusiasts who actually might be interested in a show like this. Them being the best at video games are as likely as a hockey team with 6 year olds wining the Stanley Cup. So we have Brian D who is the main star of the show, and as it turns out as he’s playing just another run in a mil game and goes AFK the top gamer in the world gets on and demolishes his team. And it’s a hell of a ride. It’s clear everyone involved in the project earnestly loved what they were doing.

The cast is not bad but not good. It’s all about the fans. It seems that Ki is the only one who actually knows what they are doing 6. Freddie made this series for the fans. Like how the actors use their gear for example. The basic construction is reminiscent of paint by numbers. Maybe they never will. Using the Youtube stars seems to be more of a marketing tool and more important than having good actors, which I think would have been the only way to make it anything near a decent product.

But if you enjoy Monster and Razer advertisement, well this is your lucky day. Using the Youtube stars seems to be more of a marketing tool and more important than having good actors, which I think would have been the only way to make it anything episore a decent product.

The amount of Monster cans and Razer gaming peripheral makes this seem more like advertisement than a TV-series. Sason started shortly after and ended in early I felt uncomfortable, confused, and apathetic to the characters’ plight.

There are quite many small errors that add up. Although certain aspects of the show could use some work, I have to say that the show left me with a sweet taste in my mouth for more VGHS.


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And there is a subordinate villain named Games, he’s a blow hole but a fun blow hole that wants to be on top as much as anyone. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Srason concept has potential, but just the general feel of the show isn’t anything I want to waste my time on.

This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat The fate of the characters doesn’t seem so concrete and certain. Sloilers D has no reason to be accepted into this school aside from shooting someone in a video game 2. It’s character-driven story line is poignantly realistic, yet I feel remorse over what the show use to be.

The Law has no reason to resent Brian 3. Later, the first season of the show was edited into a two-hour movie and released on DVD, blu-rayand online. I recently started watching TVshows and have just come to realize that the writing and overall quality of TV far exceeds film. It makes a lot of sense and looks cool.

But this is certainly what you want to see to have a good laugh! The show then goes on through a series of things that happen as Brian D gets invite into VGHS the school where you learn about every aspect of gaming, and without spoiling too much it just gets crazy from there.

The premise is ridiculous and the scenes are often grotesquely nonsensical Also, a piece of work that bills itself as a ‘video game movie’ has an embarrassingly poor understanding of the medium. This show feels like it is made for very young children ie: The writing is like you and your friends setting around giving the outline for an awesome TV show idea and then you film that without expanding on it.

Lelerao 20 February As a long time spectator of e-sports I will say this. The final four days of shooting took place at the Eagle Mountain iron mine and Mojave Desert. Maybe they never will. Retrieved August 11, Maybe this will work. At times it feels like the target audience all of a sudden drops in age by like 10 years.


We watched this together and both loved it.

Its a complete entertainer. My only complaint is that sometimes, it starts to feel like a YTV show.

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And simply doing what makes you happy and that you do best. It’s a cute idea though, and I can’t help but feel that the creators had fun coming up with this.

Subtle Sexuality The Walking Dead: It was the kind of fun everyone has experienced, the casual yet incomparable fun with friends that makes one forget life exists outside of that moment. Everything is shot professionally and the special effects are great, but it’s vgha encrusting a turd with gold and diamonds.

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This film was awful. Maybe things don’t turn out alright. The acting is fine! The digital elements are intuitive and well done intuitive by being instantly recognizable and relatably – for example, when a player was shot in the game, there would be a bunch of digital pixels that flew off them.

Bottom line, they really only successfully pulled off what they were already good at – action and comedy.

I am 34 and have been gaming for around 25 years now.

If you aren’t pleased with season one, then I suggest you give the upcoming season Two a chance. Retrieved November 14, Here the plot and the cinematography is so well done, that one wouldn’t move his eyes from the screen for a moment.

Brian gets in trouble episore losing a scrimmage match