I wished they explained a bit more though.. Separate names with a comma. Reflection of Anime As such, when we saw his eyes glow which meant the alien presence took control of his body, and he clawed Saki and tore her clothes off, I was actually not-bothered which goes a long way to show how inured we are to physical violence , I was expecting him to bite her, take over her body in order to feel the presence within him, and no harm done, right? The Story of Saru 25 Feb, You have got to be fucking kidding me. The ending was nice when he was crying.

As someone who has followed this show and generally enjoyed it episodes around 5 notwithstanding I don’t think it’s possible to not be disappointed in this finale. Hopefully the show will stay as focused next week and we will have a nice new story to follow as they are in the heart of enemy territory. The ending was nice when he was crying. Golden Wind Episode Seem like the last ep was good This ending was unsatisfying. Interested that she get a bit more focus as we learn about her past, or rather the lack of memory of her past.

Actually, the true mess was the ending and the wasted season 1 epsif looked at overall. I sort of liked the ending but the fact that Shoko becomes the pilot episoe unit 1 was eh Actually, speaking of Saki, I am sorely disappointed that both she and A-Drei lacked screentime. I don’t know I’m confused and I doubt subs will help. But I enjoyed it. Shoko’s answer to every problem is by being a cheerleader or some other ridiculous distraction.


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I also want to see the future valvraves Saki takes control of Haruto’s body and he suddenly becomes a ladies man. L-Elf’s prep time saves vxlvrave day, and the introduction of Euphy Jr. It got resolved about as anyone would expect, with the typical Dorssian space battle providing the backdrop as always, but it was decent enough.

Only my class which was science heavy and had science-related trips to universities and such had those lectures: It begins by sucking some blood for some rune energy. Time to make one out of Amadeus.

But after Satomi made the mistake that allowed the Dorssians to zero in on Module 77, he made amends. The mission just got much tougher now that they landed in L11’s homeland rather than Jior, but at least everybody is still alive and in one piece.

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We never got an answer whether they found a way to protect their memories- something that had been on my mind for a very long time.

OnlyMyRailgunJun 2, Of course, it’s a major cliffhanger as I would expect.

H-neun is like the Jean Kirstein for me in this anime. Akira’s narration don’t count. Of course the joke here is that, had Dorrisia not attacked in search for the Valvrave Units in the first place, the project would have continued to be pursued in secrecy and Haruto and the others would be living their blissful lives in their Neutral Country of JIOR. Yay all the girls survived! Akira hacked into the school’s network so that Satomi could pass the entrance exam.


It does look like the next episode may end up satisfying my curiosity in that regard, though. That was just awful.

This episode felt a lot more grounded after the info dump and multiple epusode threads last episode. Rather weird moment near the end when Shouko was confronted by two weird alien creatures presumably a remnant faction of the Council or some Magius group.

The love triangle makes you cringle, but the L-Elf and Haruto friendship moments were cool. Previous 1 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 template Next. The Final Mission from the Boss 23 Feb, Star Twinkle Precure Episode 4.

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Aside from that, lots of sighs, eye-rolling, and facepalms That means ditch the box. Domestic na Kanojo Episode 7.

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