Mahir, if the shop stays closed I am finished. You just bring the package inside and the person who will receive it knows himself. Nazif is your son, and you are welcome to come see him whenever you want. Karadayi, a series based on the story of the quest for justice and love, is one of the biggest shows in the Turkish drama history. I was hesitant in the beginning to hire you, but you embarrassed me. This vision is to provide people with entertainment while keeping in mind the values of religion and society strictly. What will you do then?

My attitude was the same since the beginning in regard to that relationship. A woman like you who plans all kinds of difficult situations and trials cannot sew her own dress? Will you let them know? There is an important meeting that I have to attend. Does something happened to Nazif? By the way, You stayed at their house and sat on their table.

It means that not only us are lovers. Uff, I wish we could do something, but it is not possible, the man will not help us. If I said to you it is alright, would you get for us a separate house for example.

We went to the city hall and talked to them. This place is the livelihood sustenance of many people, not just this man. Even if it does not happen now, when the time comes she will admit that I am right.

The human cannot wipe out the effect of the past and throw it episoed. A woman like you who plans all kinds of difficult situations and trials cannot sew her own dress?


I am very sorry. The informer found out that the shipment is coming and ask us to be ready. It should be appreciated that URDU 1 tries to focus on some new topics in episde dramas and shows. Karadayi is a Turkish television drama series produced by Ay Yapim.

Eh how beautiful it is. In a very short span of time, URDU 1 has brought itself to a level equal to that of topmost entertainment channels of our country.

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I do not think there is a problem. You better ask your father. And unfortunately, I learned from them what it means to be a family. I have not that many guests anyway It will happen however, wherever you want. I have to notarise them one by one kzradayi each place. Urdu 1 has this given us the best ever dramas in all genres and on all the topics.

We will open a shop for my son. He will have to put up with with everything with force tonight.

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883 our usage guide for more details on embedding. He draka his man to find out so they can make a move to kidnap her. When she overhears blonde duck having some sloppy fun with Necdet Now if I complain from you, I would commit ungratefulness. URDU 1 has a very aesthetic and patriotic vision.

Karadayi is a tale of love, drama and action, featuring Kenan Imirzalioglu the biggest star of Turkey as Mahir and the beautiful Berguzar Korel as Feride. As if everything that happens makes your love for each other even greater. We will hang colourful light bulbs on top of us.


URDU 1 is the sole channel devoted to the promotion of Urdu language all across the globe. I was disgraced, I was mortified. It is also the best source of entertainment for all the Urdu speaking community particularly in Asia and UK and generally in the whole world. So he will not know what to do with the press he is entering into.

Saving an old man from the gallows just touched me from inside.

And I will be in your soul after the grave, Mahir Kara. The police said that the entrance of the market is not within the standards The man wants help, not favoritism.

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urcu Go set a day for the wedding tomorrow as convenient for both of you. And a big man in this state. I will be late.

A brief history of URDU 1: Then you need either to submit a complaint letter or complete the papers. My only desire when I grew up was to be a person that benefited their country like you.

They do not see us suitable for their family, or Mahir for Feride.