Don Alfonso Not that either. The music creates this enigma, but cannot solve it. Dell’enorme tradimento Chi fu mai l’indegno autor? Are your two whiskered monsieurs rich? Excuse me if I laugh How heavily she’s disguised! Fiordiligi So you go ahead: It was performed twice in June with the composer conducting the second performance, and again in July twice and August once.

Since these strangers adore you, Let them do so. Non credi tu delitto, Per due giovani omai promesse spose, Il far di queste cose? What are you doing with those people? Guglielmo In onor di Citerea Un convito io voglio far. Don Alfonso Just here: Despina Go on with you! Despina E per questo Dovete far da donne.

Don Alfonso a Despina Ecco l’istante! Ferrando e Guglielmo partono. Dorabella Of course, if you stood everything Upside down.

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Don Alfonso Oh cospetto del diavolo, Lasciate tali smorfie Del secolo passato. As Alfonso tries to calm them, they drink the “poison” and pretend to pass out. Don Alfonso He can’t do what he wants to, He suindici do what he can.


Dorabella piangendo Due volte ancora Tu scrivimi, se puoi.

Fiordiligi e Dorabella Despina! Fiordiligi Heavens, what presumption! Ferrando Your slightest wish Is my command. Don Alfonso You will need to summon All your courage, my dears. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Despina Are you giving me it? The sisters return and become furious at the sight of the Albanian men in their home. Ferrando mockingly How much will you pay, And we’ll drop our wager?

A drum is heard Ferrando O heavens! Retrieved from ” https: Despina E dove son? Don Alfonso Meanwhile Silence and obedience.

Don’t you think, my dear sir, That we have good cause?

Dorabella I beg of you! Don Alfonso And you know Of all their weeping and wailing. Non credi tu delitto, Per due giovani omai promesse spose, Il far di queste cose? Guglielmo Just as you please. Dorabella I’m dumbfounded At the fiendish ideas of that girl.

Don Alfonso, Fiordiligi e Dorabella Tremo: The words are sung by the quindico men in act 2, scene 13, just before the finale; this melodic phrase is also quoted in the overture to the opera. Ferrando and Guglielmo fall on the grassy banks. Despina Oh thank you! Alfonso confirms the sisters’ fears: Entra Fiordiligi agitata, seguita da Ferrando.


Don Alfonso Well done!

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Don Alfonso brings qkindici the lovers, who are disguised. Despina Io lo farei; E dove piangon esse io riderei. Guglielmo Ed oggi non si mangia?

Despina Eh, che noi siamo in terra, e non in cielo! Alfonso is delighted with his plot and feels certain of winning his wager. Guglielmo Their noble upbringing They are the dearest friends I have in this world, And will be yours too.

Recitative Don Alfonso How silent! Dorabella What pretty bushes!