By Janta TV views. Will Anshuman fulfill Paakhi’s wish? Also, she compliments the designer for her amazingly unique style. Anshuman becomes relieved on learning the same. It works like a leave in cream conditioner, but with the properties of natural oil for your hair. By Neha Desai views. This hair oil replacement helps prevent hairball due to hair breakage. By JSuper kaur views.

Anshuman is awarded as the “Businessman of the Year”. Will Lavanya get along with Paakhi? Etheric Neem Powder Gms https: Will Girish and Anuja learn that Paakhi has been kidnapped? Will Paakhi win the next round of the competition? Janta TV news channel covers latest news in politics, entertainment, Bollywood, business and sports. We try to take out time from our work for our passion i.

Now, the actress opens up finally about why she is leaving her mom’s house. Anshuman becomes worried about the same.

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To know Latest Fashion Trends follows us now: Tumhari Paakhi – 18th June By fame School Of Style views. Playyer helps Paakhi in preparing dishes for the competition.

She manages to enter Paakhi’s room, and succeeds in kidnapping her. Tumhari Paakhi – 18th July Anshuman tells Paakhi to get dressed for the party. Ayaan plays a trick on Tanya. Ep Paakhi makes Anshuman realise about his concern for her and Ayaan.


He urges Paakhi to stay with him for Ayaan’s sake. By Beauty with Sumu views. Paakhi lies to Anshuman that she had a boyfriend.

Ayaan informs Paakhi about his plan of trapping Tanya. By Bollywood Spy views. Paakhi and Anshuman decide to watch a movie together.

Embed Detail Comments Autoplay. Tanya tries to instigate Anshuman against Paakhi.

Tanya’s new task

She decides to inform Girish about the same. Paakhi learns that Vikram is blackmailing Lavanya. In episode of Tumhari Paakhi, aired on 1st AprilPaakhi learns that Vikram is blackmailing Lavanya Tanya decides to use her own money to win Paakhi’s challenge. Anshuman finds out sgar name of Paakhi’s ex-boyfriend. It definitely makes my hair soft and smooth and tangle free.

Will Anshuman accept his past? Lavanya becomes worried about Girish. Girish becomes worried about Lavanya. Also, Visit – https: By Bharatiya Janata Party Delhi views. By Nidhi Katiyar views. Tumhari Paakhi – 9th April – Ep In episode of Tumhari Paakhi, aired on 9th AprilPaakhi learns that Ayaan is disturbed about something Paakhi becomes shocked after Ayaan discards her, and shows his affection for Tuumhari.


Tumhari Paakhi – 18th April 2014 : Ep 114

Paakhi gifts Anshuman with a present. Paakhi makes Anshuman realise about his concern for her and Ayaan. Ep Ayaan hides from Paakhi that Aditya injured him.

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Tanya becomes furious at Paakhi. He introduces Paakhi as his wife to everyone. Anshuman tries to find out about Paakhi’s gift, but in vain. The sweetness from the peach liqueur combined with the tartness from the pkhi juice makes for a refreshing beverage.