I took a peek through the door hole and took a deep breath as I opened the door. You should be grateful for him in your life. Onyinye May 29, at I opened the gift back and brought out a gown and smiled. He immediately wiped it and watched on as Tola stretched her hand and collected the ring. Good day, my name is stephanie and i would love to share a wonderful testimony. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

He stroked my hair. Nice to meet you boy! Feel free to surf to my blog post: I’m in love wiv Dis Episode. M so happy, am loving dis. Love is in air! Thanks a lot dear. He stared at them as a hot tear rolled down his left eye.

She shook her head in disagreement. I want you in my life. She rolled her eyes. You only want to see Kimberly destroyed!

Dear Future Husband – Tommyslav Island –

He smiled and released them. I took a deep breath. What have you ever let slide?


I stared at them as I washed the cabbage. How are you, tommysav Unluckily for u, u might not get a restraining order. He sat on the edge of my seat. WoW is all I can say… Like Like. They were all revealing from his wet shirt. I love you, Tola.

She stood in front of the door. I wore a frown. He stared at the maid. David carried the gift bags out of the trunk. As a Blogger u owe it 2 ur followers 2be consistent. I smiled as I returned into the house. David took his seat. I would have loved you to marry my son, but he died 12 years ago. Ini took a deep breath. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Wole Briggs smiled as he waved at us. Hjsband are two different things, Ben.

I met David downstairs. I cleared my throat.

The line went dead. I forced my eyelid open as some light came into my eyes. I slammed the table.


New Post by Tomi Adesina. Her face lit up. It will happen someday Like Like. He raised an eyebrow and pursed his lips, revealing his dimple. Rukiiy May 30, at Are you mad at me?

Please Break My Heart

She dropped the cup and walked out. Apparently, I am not doing so much well. He lifted her chin to his face. That was so good. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: