After Marty signs a photograph for Kristina, they notice that the signature is almost identical to the signatures from the century-old documents. Prus, after learning about the case that morning. All except Jaroslav leave. As a young woman a life-prolonging elixir was tested on her. As this could not be proven at the time of the death of Pepi Prus, the Prus estate passed to a cousin. Elina lived through three centuries without ageing. She fell into a coma , and Hieronymus was sent to prison. Vitek’s daughter Kristina, a young singer, enters.

When the potion was ready, the Emperor ordered Hieronymus Makropulos to test it on his year-old daughter Elina first. Elina collapses as she recites the first words of the Lord’s Prayer in Greek. He hurries out and returns with the news that his son, Janek, has just killed himself out of love for Marty. Albert comments that Emilia’s singing is superhuman and perfect — too perfect. She then sends all of them away — except Prus whom she questions about the other documents found with the will. Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons. Prus, after learning about the case that morning. However, by then the composer only had seven months left to live.

There is a discussion about a past opera singer, Strada, from years earlier, whom Emilia mocks from what appears to be first-hand experience of hearing Strada sing in person. Cambridge University Press, Emilia swears that in fact, Ellian MacGregor truly wrote that document.

His cousin claimed the estate, but so did Albert’s ancestor, Ferdinand Gregor, who asserted that the Baron had promised the estate to him. On an Overgrown Path 1. She kept her original initials however. Kristina demurs, and questions whether such people would truly be happy. He then takes his leave. This Ferdinand was unable to claim his inheritance because the baron died intestate and there was no written proof. After Marty signs a photograph for Kristina, they notice that the signature is almost identical to the signatures from the century-old documents.


However, she tells everyone that her extended life has led to exhausted apathy and a sense of cynical futility about people. Jaroslav grieves at his lack of showing affection to Janek, but Emilia is indifferent and asks if she has to tear her hair out every time someone dies. Who’s Who in the Theatre tenth ed. Jaroslav argues that the intellectual elite of men no women at all should be granted this elixir, with weaker people allowed to die normally. Gregor returns and declares that he is madly in love with Marty.

This startles Emilia, but she then recovers her bearings. That’s the opera I’m writing!

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Act 1 A probate case has been dragging on between the Gregor family and the Prus family for almost one hundred years and today the final verdict is to be given. If you choose to use this review on your site please link back to this page.

While Marty is dressing, the men search her luggage and find proof: His son, Janek, often meets his girlfriend Kristina at the theatre.

Prus points out that all documents will remain in his possession as long as there is no proof that Ferdinand Gregor was indeed the son by the name of Ferdinand mentioned in the will.

On regaining consciousness Elina fled, taking the recipe for the elixir of life with her. And it is a fact that an opera set in the unattractive location of a legal office, tbe of dialogue and complex family relationships, is not the typical subject for an opera work, particularly not at the start of the 20th century.

Life and Work translated by Norma Comrada. Albert Gregor comes in to ask about the case.

However, after a week, Elina awoke and fled with the formula, which proved to be successful. You can add or edit information about The Makropulos Case at musicbrainz. He demands an explanation of her strange interest in his family, and reveals that the mother of the Baron’s child was recorded as Elina Makropuloswho might be the same as Ellian MacGregorwhose love letters he has read. Marty announces that she can produce this, and leaves the men astonished once again.


She persuades him to deceive his father and steal a Greek document from him which means a great deal to her.

Gregor and Marty are left alone. Jaroslav asks synopsus she was the mistress of Baron Joseph Prus: Emilia asks what affaid be required for Albert Gregor to win the case. She fell into a coma, and Hieronymus Makropulos was sent to prison. Emilia’s interest is again sparked, and she demands that document.

Hauk wants to persuade his gipsy Eugenia Montez alias Emilia to flee south with him. Emilia goes on to say that Elina Makropulos was her aunt.

The Makropulos Affair

At the backstage of a theatre, some of the employees are talking about the success of Emilia Marty’s performance. Jaroslav enters, seeking Emilia, accompanied by his young son Janek, and Kristina.

However, this document was then lost among the Baron’s papers. Her real name is Elina Makropulos and she was the daughter of the Greek man, Hieronymus Makropulos, who as the personal doctor of Kakropulos Rudolph II attempted to create the elixir of youth. She offers the formula to Kristina and sinks happily into death.

Gregor makes protestations of love to Marty, but in exhaustion she falls asleep. Sir Charles MackerrasWiener Staatsopernchor chorus master: