Price died in with nearly film and television credits to his name, leaving us to speculate what Cregar might have done had he lived past the age of Laird Cregar is by no means a household name today, but in the early s the up-and-coming 20th Century Fox star stood perched on the edge of a long and productive career. Merle Oberon shows a ton of leg and she gives a sexy wink, so John Rogers as Down and Outer. He followed that up with the successful screwball comedy Rings on Her Fingers playing a con artist opposite Gene Tierney , then back to villainy with Ten Gentlemen from West Point also Otherwise the rest of the cast did well, the film’s atmosphere was dark and it was overall visually pleasing! Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified.

The device is known to this day as the Obie not to be confused with the Off-Broadway award. He plays a tenant in a rooming house set in the middle of the Ripper murder sites. Search for ” The Lodger ” on Amazon. Cregar gives an incredibly creepy, intense performance, but like the best monster players he mingles his monstrosity with pity, especially in the scenes where he laments the death of his beloved brother, for whom he harbors a decidedly homoerotic passion. He followed that up with the successful screwball comedy Rings on Her Fingers playing a con artist opposite Gene Tierney , then back to villainy with Ten Gentlemen from West Point also Skelton Knaggs as Costermonger.

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Audible Download Audio Books. Samuel Laird Cregar was born in Philadelphia on July 28, Cregar felt the lead role would be ideal for him and pitched the project to a number of producers; it was eventually picked up by Arthur Hutchinson, who mounted the play in Los Angeles laied April with Cregar.

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A psychoanalytical approach to the Ripper story shot in a gorgeous, foggy and creepy black and white. The killer did everything possible to draw attention to himself he might as well have worn a sign on his back announcing that he was Jack the Ripper!


A fun, eerie, and very fictionalized version of the Jack the Ripper story. Ten Gentlemen from West Point. Hugo Friedhofer Film Editing: Mindless fear blankets the city as thick as fog.

Please provide your site password to link to your existing account. On his arrival in Hollywood, Cregar made the most of his theatrical experience by playing Oscar Wilde at the El Capitan Theatre, and he was so successful in the role that Fox studio head Darryl F.

The Lodger

The Lodger’s arrival coincides with a series of brutal murders, in which the victims are all female stage performers. Merle Oberon as Kitty Langley. Log in with Facebook. The best performance Cregar gives when all is closing in on him. Audible Download Audio Books.

Each new murder enhances the paranoia without bringing us any closer to understanding, because we are not collecting any valid evidence, only circumstantial clues that may or may not mean anything. They died too young. Y] 17 Oct Choose a new password: Audiences agreed, and turned this modest production into a sizeable hit for Fox, both commercially and critically.

He plays the mysterious Mr. Besides, his artistic sensitivity is the quality that also causes him to go mad at the clang of pipes falling or the screeching thump of instruments being knocked over. InLairr won a scholarship to California’s Pasadena Playhouse. This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat After an enigmatic, self-described pathologist rents the attic room of a Victorian house, his landlady begins to suspect her lodger is Jack the Ripper.

Otherwise the rest of the cast did well, the film’s atmosphere was dark and it was overall visually pleasing!

The Life and Films of Laird Cregar. He sets the house on fire and plays his final concerto as everyone else rushes out. Cregar, achieving top billing at last, stars as classical composer George Harvey Bone, a gentle, soft-spoken soul who transforms into a homicidal maniac any time he hears a discordant crevar. Cregar is called upon to commit as the mysterious, psychopathic pathologist of the title—then something is wrong with the picture.

Cedric Hardwicke as Robert Burton. Herbert Clifton as Conductor. Lodfer De Becker as Charlie. Laird Cregar is gripping.

It is Oberon’s response to this performance that sets the scene apart. Cregar manages to make George sympathetic, even tragic, despite a set up that once again tells the audience that he is a killer in the very first scene. Personally I found Laird Cregar to be quite annoying to the point it took me completely out of the film!


As far as Fox was concerned, Hangover Square was simply meant to duplicate the basic elements of The Lodgerbut Cregar saw the love scenes with Linda Darnell as his opportunity to prove himself as a leading man.

Cregar had become one of filmdom’s top “heavies” lird both figuratively and literally. The first American film version of Marie Belloc Lowndes’s ‘Jack The Ripper’ novel came after two earlier British adaptations; the celebrated Alfred Hitchcock Silent starring Ivor Novello and its much less celebrated Talkie re-make directed by the incredibly prolific – but unheard of by me!

Stuart Holmes as King Edward.

Man With a Plan. We are bystanders, waiting helplessly outside the action in a limbo where fear swirls without context, like children frightened by shadows and sounds in the night. Together with cinematographer Lucien Cregat, Brahm frames every shot with deliberate care, using shadows, canted angles, silhouettes, mirror reflections, distorted points of view, and fog to give every image maximum effect.

Instead of following a detective hero on a journey of ratiocination to determine whodunnit, we are exiled frustratingly to the sidelines-just like in real life. Jimmy Aubrey as Cab Driver. Cregar’s screen career began in working as an extra in films. Add it to your IMDbPage. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Laird Cregar.

There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. While it is true that the real-life Jack the Ripper was never caught, that is one of those pesky inconveniences that separate alird from a good story, and movie audiences are apt to feel disappointed by any movie that concludes with the Ripper still at large.