When Martin decides he has to let go of his brother death he does the right thing to forget about getting revenge. Vickie was not nearly as a large role, but she changed the storyline which makes me believe she should be a main character. Martin is beat up by a kid named Frankie for giving the police information about him. Just like all the Bluford Series books, this is another touching and emotional books. He then gets planning on how he’s going to stop Frankie. Bluford High 1 – 10 of 21 books. A couple of days later he is in the locker room.

They meet up in Mr. Frankie was a dynamic character and the main antagonist. Here he wishes he never came and wishes to have never met Frankie his crews leader now enemy coming after him. This takes place during the present time. He got kick out of school for getting into a fight. After class, Martin and Mr. He has had got into many fights with other students and even a teacher!!!

I rated the book a 5 charactsrs i love the Bluford series, it my second life. Fights in school, getting expelled and even getting shot at just to name a few. This book you can really think to yourself and go on a adventure. Will it save or destroy him?

Apr 18, Javier G.

The Fallen

Martin goes to bluford high school and faces many obstacles like with this girl names Vicky, controlling his anger and most important getting kicked out of school which he does at the end of the story sadly. Martin is a gangbanger who always gets in trouble in school for fighting so much with others. Mainly in the Bluford and Zemora districts. Other kids who knew the…more [close: In conclusion I found this book very interesting and kept me on the edge with all the different events happening all the time.


Mitchell’s class who is an english teacher.

The book still uses all of the characters in its old book. Next, this book serids face many obstacles and here is one big obstacle that he faced in this story. Preview — The Fallen by Paul Langan. Franky shot into the ground and dropped the gun and Martin kicked it away.

In the end, Martin saves his mother from losing another child. We try to make TeenInk. Later on Martin finds out Frankie might not be his boy anymore because of the fact he ratted them out.

He now serves as both editor of the series and author or coauthor chaarcters several novels, including The Bully, The Gun, and The Fallen. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? Vicki is a girl that Martin likes, but tries to protect her by pushing her away. Wrong email address or seried He reinstated back into Bluford High.

It sdries place in the fall just after school bluforx. He got into a fight so he gets kick out so he is very mad. Chago and the othe homeboys leave Frankie. Martin is beat up by a kid named Frankie for giving the police information about him. This book will make you wanna read and read till the end and then read it again. Martin then pushes away everyone that tries to help him, to keep them safe.


Martin Luna is a young Latin boy in high school who is a gangbanger and a fighter.

Frankie still hates MArtin for backing down the day when they where going to go kill the guy that killed Martins borther Blufor. It has some violence and talks about drugs. Mitchell and Vicky on his side. He was shot in place of Frankie. Just like all the Bluford Series books, this is another touching and emotional books. Third, I wish that in the story he would have settled stuff differently because violent is never the answer and this book always is talking about how he is fighting to solve the answers.

But good thing he has Mr.

The Fallen by Paul Langan | Teen Ink

In the end Frankie, Chago, Junie, and Jesus breaks into Martins house while hes alone and looks for him. Chango tells him that Frankie is out to get him. Add ffallen personal note. This book was a little drawn out in my opinion.