Aiden Aquilina as Rayban Kid. The acting in dual roles by Cooper, his first film as lead, is Oscar worthy. The Devil’s Double Although a glimpse into the decadence of the Hussein regime this bears the serious flaw of being one note. The film really revolves around the disgusting actions of Uday Hussein, which have been documented, including his abduction and rape of young girls, his berserk murders of government officials, and his eventual assassination attempt. Ludivine Sagnier as Sarrab. Rachel Fabri as Abdel Akle.

Emanuela Ciappara as Munem’s Wife. Sarah Lee Zammit as Amer. Michael Thomas, Latif Yahia Writer: When you go see it, ask yourself, what would you have done in the same situation as the main character Latif Yahia? I saw “The Devil’s Double” at the Berlinale This is an over-the-top gangster flick that starts with the volume turned up to 11 and stays that way.

Uday’s fascination with Yahia grows stronger and it enters your mind that Uday may actually be in love with his double. I started loving this film within the devills few seconds.

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This is a movie that you must see for yourself! The Devil’s Double, does not simply prove the point that humans devilx do whatever it takes to survive in dire circumstances. If you liked Scarface, if you want an action packed ride, if you love depth of colour and sound in your movie.

There have already been a slew of projects based on the Iraq war and The Devil’s Double is an interesting film in that it shows the other side of the conflict, to some extent at least. This film confers on the supposedly true story of Iraqi soldier Latif Yahia Cooperwho was taken from the front lines in to be the body double of Saddam Hussein’s son Uday Hussein.

This may be because limietd the opulence of his lifestyle, but most of the time it comes from his doddering appearance, which makes him seem mentally challenged more than malevolent.


Uday also played by Cooperremembers the comparisons the two would get when they jointly attended grade school. Emanuela Ciappara as Munem’s Wife. Like his father, Uday is in a constant state of worry over an assassination attempt. Jan 4, Rating: Sep 1, Full Review….

If you want to see great acting from Dominic Cooper, then this is the movie for you. A lazy and terribly-directed movie that depicts Uday Hussein as a ridiculous caricature in what is a redundant story devoid of any subtlety. We want to hear what you have subhitles say but need to verify your account. Nasser Memarzia as Latif’s Father.

Jun 22, Rating: I didn’t really know anything about the story, but there was such a buzz about it at the festival I thought, why not? Mem Ferda as Kamel Hannah. Cowboys and Aliens is All Mixed Up. You forget, I died the day I came here. We still may wonder how much of this life he was pulled-in, against his will and his nature, but nevertheless being part of it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean in a romantic way, but because his love of himself is so great, that he sees Yahia as apart of himself.

Oona Chaplin II as Beauty. We also learned that the stand-in situation that seemed compressed here in a smaller time frame, in fact existed for a full 4 years. Director Lee Tamahori brings a lot of the key Oscar-winning players of the Slumdog team back for this new film. Though this story cannot be confirmed because body doubles are confidential and reputed by the Iraqi government, it does have all the makings of being true, what with the ill will that Hussein’s subjects had towards him.

The film really revolves around the disgusting actions of Uday Hussein, which have been documented, including his abduction and rape of young girls, his berserk murders of government officials, and his eventual assassination attempt. Post Share on Facebook.


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We watch Yahia struggle with the lifestyle he is forced to live. Tiziana Azzopardi as Gallaha. Also, English is generally accepted as the standard movie language, spoken by Roman emperors as well as aliens from other planets.

I wasn’t limuted that I did, from the first scene until the last I was gripped, I found myself laughing at times when normally you wouldn’t, but that was the great thing about it, it was a roller-coaster ride. A truly satisfying resolution is slightly out of reach when there’s less absuridty to play fast thw loose with accuracy, yet there’s no denying that this was one historical footnote well worth exploiting. Yahia is given cosmetic surgery and dentures to complete the look.

Log in with Facebook. An object of admiration for the President’s son, he has no choice but to comply with the excruciating horrors that are put forth before him.

Further, he wants to send Yahia on personal trips that he himself doesn’t wish to attend. I’ve seen some people rate this movie with one or two stars, nonsense, 11 out of 10 it’s great!

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Francisco Catania as Captain. What bothers you as the viewer is the personality that Dominic Cooper dons in order to portray Uday Hussein. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango.