Could you say something about how the Faraday Cage works? The watch was a ten-year project. They’re bombarding everything and everybody. Did you try and bring him to the U. The Tesla chip is said to have been invented by Andrija Puharich during the late s Puharich, among other things, is known for one of Uri Geller’s mentors. There are smokescreens deliberately set up to discredit parapsychology research or keep what they know concealed.

Is it real or is it my mind doing it? Well, unbeknownst to us at the time, there was another lab upstairs for ARPA-a computer network system. You people who want to attribute some healing calming power to this watch are simple and suggestable. To me, it is a load of garbage. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I was concerned about the E.

Plus I travel and love having two clocks to keep me straight. A Farady cage shields you from the electromagnetic radio waves, allowing only extremely low frequency E. How does the Teslar Watch work to protect against E. You must have a great dossier! They said to me, “This guy could start World Puharuch 3!

You have one of the most famous published reports of teleportation on record. What it does is separate the two halves of the brain functionally. Besides telling time, the Teslar shielding instrument offers a screening from potentially harmful electronic pollution caused by the abundance of machines, gadgetry, and pyharich lines, in a way that allows the body to operate more harmoniously within the earth’s natural resonance of Hz.

So I developed something that would protect the individual from the E. It was rough-being an M.

Is it real or is it my mind doing it? They had Geller bending metal, teleporting things,demonstrating incidents of telepathy and clairvoyance-these things were happening all of the time. When healers lay their hands, or energy, on someone, they put out exactly 8 Hz magnetic frequency-the same vibration emmited by crystals. All the magnetic energy, the magnetism inside any matter can be expelled, which is probably the way UFOs work.


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Make sure you buy your watch either from them directly on their website, or watcu an authorized Philip Stein dealer. Many wearers of the watches express an improved sense of well-being, better sleep, and a decrease in discomfort due to chronic injuries or degenerative health problems. So I developed wathc unique equipment that could measure this. Wearing the watch for long period in a row, this person finds that they feel better in general.

Later, this same person was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which causes for this person insomnia, pain, and stress and anxiety.


Did they just steal my Teslar chips out?!?! They learned that he could wipe out anything on computer tape. They noticed that the migraines had almost completely vanished with regular wearing of the watch. He was with a woman named Maria Janis she’s Gary Cooper’s daughter. In other languages Deutsch. It looks good thats all. We must strive to limit any adverse impact that modern technology has on our health and well-being.

Go to Bio Electric Shield Menu. Are Philip Stein Watches truly Teslar devices? Main St, Ventura CA Has anyone had reduced energy? He left the apartment they were in to go jogging.

The judge ruled that the invention couldn’t work because E. Once you’ve lost it, it’s gone forever. Some have reported a decrease in migraine headaches, both in frequency and intensity. Around the same time, Ilonka Harezi was researching bio-electromagnetic phenomena and its influence on the body and mind with Dr. It is likely that less skepticism would abound if the stated solution to these electromagnetic faux pas were not so expensive, and thus so highly profitable to the individual who is marketing the product.

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Some countries, like Switzerland and parts of Italy, have already adopted precautionary exposure limits to EMF. They also researched the possibility of bathing the body in the frequency environment emitted naturally by the earth, the Schumann Resonance currently monitored by scientists at UC-Berkeley’s Seismology Laboratory to average around 7. When you’re a pioneer, you have to take risks. Satch said, “I think he could but I don’t think he cares to. Please enter your comment! The risks watcu bothered me.


He won’t admit it, but I can tell heslar after researching him for years that he’s E. It made sense to Puharich and Harezi that reestablishing this natural frequency envelope around the body – by blocking out or reducing the effects of this increasingly chaotic invasion of 20th century man-made EMF – may provide the human body an opportunity to reestablish its own natural electromagnetic environment It appears that the answer is really up to the user and their individual experience with the watch.

We need to better understand the role that frequencies play in our natural environment, and be able to detect, protect, and limit the impact aatch electromagnetic technology has on nature.

F warfare that the both the Russians and the Americans were and still are presumably engaged in. The Tesla chip is said to have been invented by Andrija Puharich during the late s Puharich, among other things, is known for one of Uri Geller’s mentors.

It didn’t seem practical anymore. Andrija Puharich discovered him in and brought him over to the U. A list of authorized dealers can be found on their website. For this person who suffers not only from chronic pain in the form of fibromyalgia, but also serious migraines, the Philip Stein Teslar watch is anything but a scam.

The only good thing about the watch is that is is unique looking and fashionable. A complete waste of money on the Philip Stein!!!