Jenna Elfman joins Mary and Nigel for this audition. I have never been a fan of Comfort and well, you saw what happened last time Nico tried to do hip hop. She thinks there is something so beautiful about her, unique and wonderful. Man, how many times do I say beautiful in this article? Cranky pants about it. They both seem at peace with this decision and honestly, I think it was a long time coming. He emoted so well with his legs and extension and lifting.

Mary said Jasmine danced it like she choreographed it. She thinks Tucker could have done more, he did a lot of guiding, but not so much technique. The damn girl is growing on me, just in time to be in the danger zone. Leonardo Barrionuevo who was a choreographer on the show danced in his place with Holland’s partner Hayley Erbert. In the beginning I thought Courtney and Tucker had great chemistry together, but once it broke off into the up tempo it felt a little forced or maybe frantic? TV by the Numbers. You know what I love about apart?

Leonardo Barrionuevo who was a choreographer on the show danced in his place with Holland’s partner Hayley Erbert. I love the retro feel to it and the adorable costumes. They are in love and in their world it is unacceptable. Alan is still holding back his tears.

Her pirouettes were pretty awesome too. Mary said he was there for her as a partner but pointed out some weaknesses in technique. There is no way Jasmine will go home and the judges love Mackenzie.

Aaron was such a strong partner.

Jasmine and Aaron I thought the concept of the apple was going to be a bit dangerous and a bit distracting, but I actually think it uarper more to the routine. Nigel, also ruined it all going into a rant about bullying and how it still exists today. It reminds me of something Sonya would do. Jesse was turning all sorts of shades of red.


How about…what did Kathryn say to Aaron at the end of that routine? I like Fik-Shun, I do, but Paul is the better dancer. And that beginning jeight was a definite stunner. He noticed that Aaron kept his shoulders down in this routine with Jasmine and Aaron was excited he noticed.

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Cranky pants about it. Gabby said she should get a call from Beyonce—that routine was the bomb. Also, great great song choice.

But overall, he did a really great job especially considering he comes from Latin ballroom. Paula said this was her favorite routine of the night. They all give him a ticket to continue.

It was high in energy and had some really incredible moments. While there were a couple of weak numbers during the show tonight, none of the dancers have any faults. While it was a really great piece, Jamsine would have much rather seen Travis and Danny dance it.

She thought Mariah showed such grace and pain and beauty on her face. Heighf was this one lift where Hayley had her leg up to her head and Nico reached behind his back for her leg and hand and threw her over his body. Her dancing is so graceful too. He is already an all-star and is pure life force. Both Amy and Jasmine overall did the best job tonight.


She felt her passion and thought everything was gorgeous.

Mary told Serena that international rumba is not done on heighr show for a reason. I LOVE the idea of the rope. He truly has made me fall in love with contemporary tap.

He did the heavy lifting. I love that each dancer except for Alan got their own little moment. At the end, when he realized who she was and she fell into him, my heart broke and my eyes welled up, I admit it.


This one I got goosebumps on. I forgot that he is an animator.

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Mandy Moore I thought it was a cute routine, but it was missing a little spark and a little sizzle. Nigel said this was terrible choreography—why did he leave her?

He got the intensity right; he just needs to work uasmine the lifts. I also think this routine allowed the dancers to make some pretty great shapes.

Now, can you bring back Jasmine Mason please? This is a fusion of styles.


While I think he relies too much on tricks, some of the things he does are pretty cool. Nigel thought she was fabulous. She has stolen his heart.