Paul Fenech, creator of the outrageous Australian comedies Pizza and Swift and Shift Couriers, brings the satirical degenerates of his latest television series Housos- the controversial program that pokes fun at life in the fictional housing commission suburb of Sunnyvale- to the big screen. Thailand Part One Air Date: Dazza 18 episodes, Delivering a boogie board full of illegal steroids to Asia. He wanted SBS to pull the show. Desperate for cash, Shazza and Vanessa try out some new scams. Everyone is pretty experienced and we do lots of stuff very quickly.

Sure, they drink away their problems, they might even have frequent domestics but down on the block it’s all for one and one for all. Dazza convinces the boys to escape. Uncle Fred taught Franky everything he knows, how to pick up chicks, do thongings, burnouts and graffiti stuff. Start Here Program Info. SBS was also forced to defend the show by stating that the series was not receiving funding from the government, and it was instead being funded by the network’s own revenue raising activities. The debut episode is crude, ridiculous and grotesque. After a massive effort of bribery and theft the girls manage to pull together a ceremony, for that afternoon — before the hangovers wear off!

Follow the adventures of the residents of the Sunnyvale Housing Commission in every-town Australia. Swinger parties, Crystal, old grudges and dodgy relatives from Melbourne make this the houso road trip from hell.

Back on the offensive

After walking 45 minutes back to Dazza’s house, a furious Dazza finds that everything except for his meat pies are gone. Angry 10 episodes, David Cooper Can sunnyvals Housos get home to Sunnyvale? Get your uggies on for the next chapter of outrageous, action-packed, dole-bludging comedy. Terry 9 episodes, Retrieved from ” https: Mike 9 episodes, Rachel Magi Take a housox 2 minute survey.


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Episodes Current Season 1 2. Simon 9 episodes, An adventurous journey into the life of year-old rebellious schoolboy Jonah, his family, friends, teachers and counsellors who are exhaustively trying to help him channel his seemingly limitless energy into bigger sunnycale brighter things.

Views Read Edit View history. Trivia In season two, Richard Carter was now the new narrator of the series.

Franky tries to stop them only to get thrown to the floor, smashing all of Dazza’s pies. Renzo 10 episodes, When Franky gets a call from Pauly at the Fat Pizza shop he finds out Uncle Fred has died and left him something in his will. Franky is caught doing a sunnnyvale deed by for Beryl by a tabloid ‘current affairs’ television crew when the junkie crew try to steal her handbag with Franky thonging Jimmy the Junkie leader so he and Kev gousos out on a new venture as ‘Robbing Hood’, getting back stuff for other people for a commission.

He and Kylie break up after an argument about the colour of the bike. Reg thrives in prison but Bubbles seeks to make Dazza his prison girlfriend. Later the bikies don’t want the Junkies new crappy stolen goods so they steal everything from the Hunterz and selling to the Lebo Sunnyvale Assasuns gang resulting the bikies and the Lebo’s going to jail, the junkies are arrested after getting caught trying to rip-off the police.

Desperate for cash, Shazza and Vanessa try out some new scams. It has already caused more outrage than five seasons of Pizza and two seasons of Swift and Shift Couriers epissodes. To Sunnyvalf credit, not one sector of Australian society escapes mockery in this film. Abdul 9 episodes, Mohammed Hammoud Dazza tries to get her to the hospital by train, taxi and even … a wheelbarrow. After fifteen years, pizza chef Bobo is released from prison.


Season 2 episodes | Housos on SBS

To get money for drugs, the junkies steal anything not nailed down, to sell to the Hunterz for cash, Meanwhile as Shazza, Dazza, Kev and Vanessa try to come up with a new scam of having multiple sets of twin for a twin allowance.

Housos is a nine-part comedy set episoded fictional Sunnyvale, ”Australia’s dodgiest suburb”. They just wanna blame external circumstances … and Dazza really sums that up.

Housos came under fire from a number of western Sydney residents, who had called on SBS not to put the series on air. Pub Patron 9 episodes, Liz Harper Mark 9 episodes, Mike Duncan Is this the end of the Sunnyvale Housos? Franky, Kev and Dazza all need cash funds to keep their de factos off their backs; Dazza tries car-jacking, while Kev and Franky join Habib in a dodgy insulation scheme.

Mayor Rees 9 episodes, Uncle Fred Air Date: Everyone is pretty experienced and we do lots of stuff very quickly. Gronk 10 episodes,