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And when it involves the representation of past historical phenomena, as in the present case, the temporal dimension acquires critical significance. In this article I discuss some of the issues, both theoretical and practical, that have arisen in the course of the translation process. The solution to the difficulty in ascertaining whether we were dealing with informality or politeness was partly given by the manual. Isabel Russinova miglior interpretazione teatrale. Bassetti regia di F. I am currently a tutor and a second marker for the specialized translation projects at the University of Birmingham.


The paper will also show to what extend the differences within the various dimensions of cultural specificity lead to differences in methods and procedures of translation. Personal, individual, group, collective, amercano, national, linguistic, cultural, and professional are probably the most established terms with which we refer to identity.

During the three stages of the data collection process, the participants were provided with texts of a similar genre tourist texts and length to translate no more than words. In fact, the data analysis suggests that the political discourse translators working at Iranian Diplomacy seem to have been restricted, among many, by the ideological factors governing the institution they work for.

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Dies ist, wie von Reinart Furthermore, in reference to Item 24, Italian students seemed to consider their future job much more important than Iranian students, a result which could imply two things: In fact, text producers, being aware of the commission they have and guided by the factors underlying ideological square, produce a text which reflects the ideology of the powerholders through their discursive practices.

This meant that a considerable portion of the original text, most of it dwelling on private affairs or matters of commerce, would have to be excised in order to leave only those passages where explicit references were made to the Portuguese capital.

Un nome che evoca sentimenti contrastanti. There were two items identified as marked with respect to professional identity, which are listed below:.

The american film

However, this is omitted in the TT. Since van Dijk has not included these features in his framework, the linguistic toolkits which are set forth by Hodge and Kressand Fowler and Faircloughi. Rodolfo Di Giammarco Five difficult pieces, five out of the ordinary evenings, five actresses fof different identities Rodolfo Di Giammarco. Eine wichtige Rolle spielen in diesem Zusammenhang Definitionen vgl. His fears over the consequences of political dissent were not wholly misplaced.

After all, he was not the addressee of the letters and that fact alone poses some problems. The percentage for the contractive and expansive tokens used by the students.

The two letter code system of languages ISO was also used to indicate the language of the target text.


Corrispondente Culturale Onoraria Mactt. Scarica la rassegna stampa: The translator thus has to achieve a tour-de-force in bridging all three gaps and rendering the text accessible to the contemporary reader.

The american film My personal values and moral standards Item 7: Iranian undergraduate trainee translators tend to have well-developed interdependent identities whereas Italian undergraduates tend to have well-developed self-dependent identities.

Testimonial per il Premio Curcio – X Edizione. Figure 1 compares Iranian and Italian undergraduate translator trainees in three aspects of their identities.

The docu- film wants to tell the story of the Romany people by amalgamating the images of a lean, dark and hard reportage, depicting the conditions of life of the Romani people today, hardship, the expectations, the dramas and facts of discrimination and persecution, but where their personalities and uniqueness still prevails as free people.

Literature on translation problems indicates that there is no agreement on a clear definition of what a translation problem is see Toury In any case, the search for the right equivalent would have always been time-consuming.

Translating Echoes

Docu-film che vuole raccontare la storia del popolo Romanes amalgamando le immagini di uno scarno, cupo e duro reportage, che ritrae le loro condizioni di vita. We would also like to thank Prof. Studia Translatologica, Ser B, no. And this, I think, poses an obstacle far more difficult to overcome, since it has to do with the impossibility for the translator to render two externalities compatible in one single target text.