We had inspections from 10 to 11 and then projected films from 11 to 3. Differences in Soccer Performance in 11 vs. She also found his pather projector in the attic. Many of these were new films shot on super 8 within the past few years. This unique dynamic created a special triangular conversation between the donor, the projected images, and the spectators that drew attention to the social function of home movies, which became the most effective framework to reinforce the importance of their preservation. All of the organizers and volunteers brought films, shown throughout the afternoon alongside those of the general public. My apologies for not getting this in sooner — life is somewhat complicated by the fact that I am bouncing back and forth between Aspen, CO and New Hampshire for the next several months- but, here it is, our first report in probably a couple years! Kelly brought her parents, who screened movies of their younger and early-parenting days.

Needless to say we did not get to examine every reel of film but we were able to inspect and advise on a representative sample from each guest. Thanks to everybody who organized and volunteered for the event: Obviously due to the volume of submissions, we were unable to show even half of what was submitted it would be way too long a report , however, below is list containing highlights of some notable content — some programmed, some not submission quantity, program length, film length, and condition. Fortunately, we had NO technical difficulties this year aside from a lack of regular 8mm splicing tape, which made things a difficult for the prep folks, who coped with the problem manfully! Sasuke Toyoda Residence Event time screening: The films that were brought were predominantly 8mm, with a little bit of Super8 and one or two reels of 16mm.

Most mingled with the interns and staff of the archive till nearly 1: We would like to involve the people of all the ages. Judy came in with a super 8 reel that her dad shot about 3 months before his death inwhen he came to visit Judy in SF.

One of the DC reps, Jennifer Snyder, brought films of her family, who were fond of doing the chicken dance. Each projectionist would announce the family name on the film at the point of loading the projector, saying which screen the film would be on, so the family could get to the area near the screen that was going to show their film.

Having never seen the film, the submitter said he hoped to see images of his father, who died when the gentleman was Finally, I would like to thank Mike Mashon for helping us secure the Pickford Theater as our event location and for putting us in touch with the Public Affairs office, and also for working with the LC Police to allow people to leave with their films after the event.


Unfortunately, her father was unable to make the screening, but I intend to follow up with them and see if he is willing to get the films transferred and donated to some archive. Our top problem aside from being mobbed was old splices falling apart during projection; we had to have splicing blocks at the projectors and used them quite a bit.

Archery, knuckleball, sailboats, camp is now a housing development. Jason leisurely painting a boat in the water while an idle friend sits nearby.

Posted by Antonella Bonfanti October 1st, Except Tom, the Imperial War Museum projectionist, we were all first-timers at HMD, and everyone told me they had a wonderful time and would like to be involved next year.

Nancy Urbanski writes in with a report from Orland Park, as well as two articles from the local press and some photos of the event from the Daily Southtown. If a film is found footage then we question the owner about the film?

He had a cassette soundtrack to go with it, but we could not get that to play. We also had the opportunity to screen the many films that were submitted for the occasion by archives in New Orleans and around the nation.

Films screened by Gauge:

Local audiovisual archivists Tlevisivi Silversides, Russ McMillen, Aileen Leadbetter and Julie Lofthouse provided advice on how to care for home movies and discussed why home movies are important.

Most of our audience found their way to us from our mention in Daily Candy.

And like usual there was the exhibition of old apparatus cameras and projectors by the collector Antonio Pignotti. We had standing room only capacity for the first couple hours I would estimate around 60 people which then petered out by the end of the day our HMD lasted from 1 to 5.

On a cliff overlooking the sea.

36 Best Hunter TV show images | Stepfanie kramer, Dee dee, Fred dryer

His five films ranged from toall in excellent condition. Ronald Grant, projecting the 16mm, said that the Presbytery footage was his favourite because it showed all sorts of hilarious group gymnastics by otherwise staid s adults, which also jumped from black and white to colour within the same scene.


It would be interesting to know how well my Windsor newsreel copied in the camera that was pointed at it for kkramer long. Mississippi is rather hot and humid, and we had a good talk about the effects of mold on film and how to deal with it.

Flags around all the monuments are at half-mast and the temporary site of the Eternal Flame for President Kennedy is seen, along with fresh wreaths and the guards keeping watch. My apologies for not getting this in sooner — life is somewhat complicated by the fact that I am bouncing back and forth between Aspen, CO and New Hampshire for the next several months- but, here it is, our first report in probably a couple years!

Maurizia Paradiso

HMD volunteer Jenn Blaylock shared with us a Super8 film that she had shot on a cross-country road trip last summer. The conclusion of the screenings continued these conversations as audience members mingled with the HMDO organizers to share more information about what they had just experienced and what can be done to ensure that such experiences persist.

Pearson in attendance ; the funeral of Can. We had about 50 people show up during our two-hour screening window, and nearly a dozen people brought films to show.

Since we were coming all this way we figured we should do more than one event, and we really wanted to get the New Orleans filmmaking community involved. Monster Truck; state Capitol grounds; historical monuments; chicken hugging out at Cisco Campus; other fowl. Reasons for the low turn-out apart from the absence of in-depth press coverage, which cannot be expected year after year we think is the new date in October.

Also footage of family holidays in Majorca and Sardinia.

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We filled in the rest of the time with progrrammi from the Living Room Cinema: However, the good news is that all people who came this year were there the year before, so they must have liked it. Legendary jazz club The Five Spot was only one of the many long-gone venues seen in the gorgeously photographed reel of the East Village.

Posted by Antonella Bonfanti September 5th,