Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru 2. Special – Mar 17, Audio, not so great. The Ear of Jinsuke, about a wandering swordsman saving a damsel in distress from evil spirits. But the Police and the Army have no effective strategies to contain them. In a raving world, legendary knights stood up.

Eldran has protected the earth since the ancient ages. They haggle things that aren’t normally haggled like grocery store produce. Silver no Hata no Moto ni. In reaction, a ragtag group including the governor’s estranged son rises in open rebellion, using a powerful prototype Combat Armor: But to be fair, he is practically on his deathbed. What did you think of the trailer? Peace is restored and the original cast return to their normal life.

Special – Jul 22, The Valis games as ceoh were known in America tell the story of Yuko Asou, a Japanese student of the late s that is bound to protect three different kingdoms – our own land, the land of the Spirits, and Vecanti, the world of dreams, by using a mystical sword called Valis.

Movie – Dec 14, Download episode 83, here. After the credits, there is a short clip animated for the OVA episodf “Pentagona Doors”, which is intended to be comic relief. Why are one hundred groups subbing Naruto, yet no one is subbing Souten Kouro?

Zaizen’s son,are fatally injured by the robots. But will this be enough to stop the forces of evil from conquering the Earth? A direct sequel that eisode put straight to video.


Sunrise – Anime Producer (page 5) –

I also discuss a little Hong Kong political controversy which honestly, is really no big deal. The three of them fall in a hidden lake beneath the mountains and discovered a giant fish named Aesop floating. Two of the party’s guests, an auto-racer, Ryo Aguri,and a wresler, Go Goda, also receive serious injuries.

Shootin’ The BreezeAlex furthers his descent into perversity the world of Gor, which has also apparently taken over a sizable chunk of second life. Oh yes, third year anniversary? OVA – Nov 5, When an evil space organization lead by Lord Zakuron starts attacking Earth, Watta has to use Trider in a more combat-oriented way. Hoshi to Tsubasa no Paradox. Unsatisfied with the actions of his teammates, he defects against the will of Dark Prince’s nefarious owner and joins Silver Prince: This week, we return to something actually related to Anime as I actually review both seasons of The Tower of Druaga.

Their goal is the end of the dictatorship and total independence from the Federation’s influence. Comedy Mecha Sci-Fi Space. TV – Oct 1, The gear, named Kaiservern, beats the prize winners of the Australia convention one after another.

Shootin’ The BreezeA mysterious thin Gaijin with glasses appears in the Japanese adult video classic, ” innocent girls study the penis 3″. But to be fair, he is practically on his deathbed.


Souten no Ken Episode 13

TV – Apr 1, Special – Feb 19, Now to those who have seen it; where the hell is the damn suten with the gun? The yellow curry slowly transforms the blue Kururu into the “yellow devil” and as the film is about to fade into black, “Kukuku” is heard. But wait, there’s more!

Shootin’ The BreezeAmongst the things we discuss: Originally planned as a TV anime series, this ended up as a promotional video for its manga serialization on magazine Monthly Daiteioh. Soukai’s rainbow will fade and everyone will live in the darkness for eternity. They will fight anyone necessary, and will defend strangers especially pretty girls from danger.

I tell you folks, this episode was cursed.

This is the story of Mito Mitsukuni in mecha style. Download episode 84, here. Amongst the porn stars being auctioned for a whoppingyen an hour, Marie Ozawa. Kamikaze TaxiWhat do you get when you cross a Peruvian immigrant, a Yakuza and a corrupt politician?