But Sae Hwa tells Carl that she has no intention of marrying him because of his mother. Sul Nyeo tries to steal Dong Bak’s old dress. Episode 51 Episode He promised to come back for Anna but never did and never knew that Anna became pregnant with his child. Mal Sun becomes first stockholder after Pil Yong sells his stock, and she wants Dong Hae to manage the company. Kim Jun is tortured by Anna and Dong Hae. Kim finds out he knows and tells him to take Anna and go to the U.

Episode 83 Episode Anna is missing so everyone goes to look for her. Kim Jun has been asked to host the nightly news but Saewa can’t let that happen or Anna might see him. Anna rushes to Kim Jun’s side when she finds out about his accident and Taehun has had enough of Saeyeong’s immaturity. On the day of his big competition and her big date, Dong Hae is badly hurt. Episode 68 Episode But Sae Hwa tells Carl that she has no intention of marrying him because of his mother. Episode 84 Episode

Mal Sun decides to hand eplsode her all stock to Dong Bak. Hyesuk tries to put an end to the feud between the Lee’s and her husband. Episode 8 Episode 8. Episode 91 Episode After Kim Jun collapses, Pil Jae takes him to the hospital. Smile Donghae Volunteer Team.


Pil Jae searches for Anna and he runs into Do Jin. Episode 59 Episode Kim forces Dong Hae to withdraw from the cooking competition which angers the TV network. Episode 48 Episode They get into a quarrel, and Hye Suk sues Pil Jae. Kim Jun is tortured by Anna and Dong Hae. Bong Yi is surprised that Dong Hae is a grandson of Mr.

Hye Suk tries to stop Dong Hae’s appearance on broadcast. Anna and Dong Hae are forced to return to the States dpisode a problem with their visa’s is reported to the authorities. Dong Hae leaves for Hinan of China.

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He gives the diamond and wants her to leave Dong Hae. Don Jin and Hye Suk are overjoyed at the success of Kimchi business. Dojin wonders what is going on with Dong Hae and his father.

Saewa shows Anna a picture of James. Saewa decides donhhae to go to the hospital and forces Dong Hae to face the truth about their relationship.

Do Jin assigns Bong Yi as a Kimchi business manager. Episode 32 Episode Episode 65 Episode They decide to stop their Kimchi business.

Dojin finally gets the name of Saewa’s former boyfriend and agaiin Yujin confirms it, Dojin confronts Dong Hae about his past with his wife. Episode 38 Episode Dojin and Dong Hae continue to fight every chance they get. Episode 26 Episode Kim Jun tries to tell Dong Hae that he is his father but he doesn’t know how to bring it up.


Smile Dong Hae

Sulnyeo tells everyone she is in a relationship with Piljae. Kim and Dong Hae quits his job. Episode 18 Episode Watch ‘ Smile Donghae ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Bong Yi’s mom and Anna start work at the Kim residence. Bong Yi’s mom, Seonok, learns that she has been working in the house of her families enemy Eoisode Jun.

Episode 90 Episode Dong Hae contemplates quitting his job as everyone now donhgae about Saewa and his past relationship and Bong Yi is worried about losing Dong Hae if he leaves. Saeyeong goes into labor on Saewa’s big day. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Saewa is still desperate smlle get rid of Anna and Dong Hae before her new family is ruined.

Smile Dong Hae – Episode Guide –

Dong Hae stormed down to the TV station to get Anna but is convince to be on the show after all. Do Ji Won Main Cast. Episode 10 Episode Episode 42 Episode