But it could also be bad…. October 9, at 9: The mom crossed a line she shouldnt have crossed by stealing that contract and now J crossed the line and fell in love with her enemy. SY is worried they will be late. October 10, at 6: Again I am sorry.

He tells her to sit. Since I know how much you get paid — for caring enough to get the wine — I was thankful and wanted to give you a present — since it was perfect timing and your underwear was old — I just prepared it as a present. J comes downstairs when TP comes home drunk. J looks over to the house. YJ asks if he heard anything from MS. J holds up the money: Is there one who isnt nice and good to you -out of all the ppl who deceived you — were there any that wasnt nice and good? YJ is visibly startled but says hello.

I mean they married manly because of it but still had no word about it, as if there is no baby…. But he changes his mind and asks for pjakgyo number so he can call her back sinopsiz. TB looks towards the dining table and notices what she had set up. SY is worried they will be late. I will go change my clothes so wait here for a little bit. At the airport, he spots his son but hides from him and peeks out to look at his son. Does that make you that upset? So move your stuff to the attic room right away.

The dad asks if she likes it that much that she cant sleep.

Sinopsis ojakgyo family ep 20

Now I can sleep easy. If I told you like that you should have understood —how much longer are you going to make a person feel worn out, tiresome annoyedand be so sick of this? TP — what brings you here without any notice? Mom shushes her and tells her to be quiet. She says she already threw ojakvyo all of his old underwear.


Ojskgyo he was younger, his dad caused trouble with money and we really sat on the street living off of eating kimchi with water. Hwang Tae Hee adalah anak ketiga dan seorang polisi yang jatuh cinta dengan seorang gadis bernama Baek Ja Eun.

TS goes back to work and YJ is there calling him. Y runs into TP on his way out. So many options, and of course he is not one to wear ojagkyo heart on his sleeve. He looks down at her tray.

D pulls him aside. Sinopsis Ojakgyo Brothers Episode MS and YJ face off and start hitting each other with the trash bags. Do your insides feel ok?

sibopsis The mom yawns and comes outside. On his way out TS gets a call from YJ and realizes he was supposed to meet her today.

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If you are done vrothers them hurry and go out. He got the elevator door right before it shut and she is inside. Just then TH walks into the office. The mom crossed a line she shouldnt have crossed by stealing that contract and now J crossed the line and fell in love with her enemy.

SINOPSIS Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 1 – 58 Episode Terakhir

Discouraged by the situation, Ja-eun finds her father’s contract. Chief begs for a few days time. Then he notices the note. She runs back into the kitchen and wonders aloud — why is he sleeping in the living room — did the two of them fight?

However, Chang-shik and Bok-ja really love him as a son that Tae-hee also regards them and their real sons as family. SY mentions how they were busy from morning going here and there.


Regardless of his intentions, I bet he was freaking out inside! She says sorry to YJ and leaves. He cant believe his mom did that. TH pulls up to work and puts the ledger in the glove department of his car.

She says she cant raise Noodles anymore cuz of her situation so she is sending Noodle to him. In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. The familyOjakgyo Family Hangul: The dad agrees of course TB is right — he tells his wife she was wrong to do this times over. He is not Chang-shik’s real son but he is Chang-shik’s nephew. I clearly asked for a few months time. TB goes out to meet TP.

He starts to walk to the bathroom when SY comes out of the room. I am going eposode go crazy enough so please just stop. My Husband Got a Family. I think I have to do that —the weather is getting cold and I cant continue to leave a girl living on brothwrs yard J goes inside the bakery and gets two buns and goes to the cashier to pay and TH is already there.

Also, when these two will have a talk about their baby? TB looks a little scared. J asks if the GM slept well and says hi to each son. Sinopsis Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 21 – The father is Hwang Chang-shik and the mother is Park Bok-ja. He goes back to his mom and says: