Director Oh asks if he picked up the hard drive incriminating him for selling state secrets from the crime scene, and punches Do-ha in the face for his insubordination. I only liked the episodes when they were at the spy school. She has been petty, unprofessional the gun incident at the office and her reaction afterwards. Live and learn Joo Won. I remembered the discription of characters suddenly changed after they started filming. KimYoonmi March 28, at Elle February 27, at 9: Not that his acting is bad but somehow, he could not immerse himself deep enough and bring out the role that he was to play.

I do agree that there was no point at all for Seo-won to pull her gun at Gil-ro. It was the same with Faith. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Gil-ro returns the next day to buy ten more sets of cosmetics, to be credited to Seo-won. If this drama got turned into a comic like Batman and Robin, or one of those pixel animations with really bad quality visuals, it might have made something out of itself. Reading your recap, I have the impression that it is even going downward. I know I have read here on DB, of a few actors complaining about how their characters had been written and that sometimes the character did not make sense, JIW being one of them for “Take care of the Lady” I think, if not for one of his dramas for sure. It was hard to see Gil-ro in such a pain, I think Joo Won did an amazing job here.

That is not how I expected that last scene to go. It may be a Korean thing as opposed to Korean-American.

Sinopsis Drama 7th Grade Civil Servant (Tamat) |

Seo-won whips out her camera and starts taking pictures of the house, making Gil-ro pout that she should include him in some of them. Finally Gil-ro brings up a fun fact he picked up somewhere, about locations where couples have their first kiss. Happy hunting for those 2 scenes: I know I shouldn’t ask too much reality for K-drama or rom com, but still Am I the only one who likes Choi Kang-hee here?!! As for actors discussing their characters with the writers, I do think it’s easier in the US where shows last for multiple seasons and the production of each season gets spread over a good portion of the year.


As much as I like Joo Won, I just couldn’t get into the characters or the story. Views Read Edit View history. Let me know how that went: Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. You must be thinking of those terrible mid’s Bonds with Roger Moore. There’s a reason James Bond has never been played by a actor under thirty.

Completely ignoring Seo-won, he orders Gil-ro to move out and go abroad. I was about to say that the script was not so much at fault than the direction. So, do we agree to disagree? Must be hard for them to memorize the script and try to act it out.

So glad I did not servnat the whole way through. Heads hang all around as she says that Gil-ro confiscated the documents. And this is a spy drama; of course things are gonna blow oevel in the end.

He asks what she was doing there, but she keeps her mouth shut. Gil-ro mengatakan bahwa ia benar-benar memahami bahwa sihopsis dapat terjadi, platonis, antara teman-teman atau rekan kerja.

I have given up on this drama! Ivoire March 29, at 9: ANO February 7, at But just kidding, because she gets back up? The spy plot of this drama was slow and they didn’t tie up all loose ends but it did follow a storyline.

If you remember, check back later or over the servaht. They were like statues. Is this Drama worth watching? What’s the song’s title that are playing in the background at the movie part? I can’t say I liked the pairing at first, but I’m warming up to her as the story unravel.


Sinopsis Drama 7th Grade Civil Servant (Tamat)

I will probably check the last ep for the “cute”. Did I forget anything? I’m liking Joo-won’s character, it’s totally different from his past characters. Typically, the mid-point romantic breakup is where so many dramas go awry with the melo antics turning up a notch, but I hope that the divide here will take our story into more interesting places.

Gil-ro returns to work in the morning, and checks his office security footage, as is his habit every day. It also reminds me of Hang-ah sp? She started out so well and then it was like, “what happened? Honestly, I had to laugh when they talk about Servwnt training in the backstory for these guys, when they both look like they can barely shave. Dramq with writing people. Thank you for recaps. They have millions invested in these shows.

Sinopsis ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’ All Episodes

Seo-won thinks fast, and leaps into damage control mode, all apologies and pleading eyes. I feel like he’s going to be so heartbroken and down-trodden when he finds out.

Even the recaps ccivil longer interested me, only read the last 15 minutes recaps. This is what you said, ” Do Ha is so darn cute, but of course he’s second lead and it would be weird if he got with Choi Kang Hee who’s 14 years older than him!