Gary was there when Alvira insulted Mamang and he is so happy that Alvira chose her rather than Mamang. Clara then walked out and went outside to release her anger. Amante is not going to let Clara be the exchange for Mara and wants to have another plan for them to rescue both Mara and Susan. Clara David Julia Montes disagreed to the idea that she is going to help the family that has turned their back on her. Gary David went to Clara’s school to tell her that she is his father. With this, Susan and Mara then asked Gigi to help them bring Lupe and they were successful.

Clara is there when Alvira visited and you can see in Clara’s face that she is envying Mara again. Gary went everywhere and have picked some dirty foods in the trash can just to have something to eat. So Clara then just asked Gary David’s Jhong Hilario consent for her to go with her friends having a vacation. Alvira asks Clara to get some clothes for Amante at their old house. As for Gary he went to the port to see his daughter – Clara there and have their plan going to another place living a new life together. Kamis 6 Maret , Pukul With this, Alvira asked Clara why she opposed on making her father as their driver.

But this left confusions on the Del Valle family on why their blood did not match with Clara rather it was Gary’s blood that saves her. Unable to find shelter in a nearby closed supermarket, Helen flees back into the forest.

The last will of testament from Mayor Nathaniel has been foretold and one of his last will includes Susan and Mara. Mara also wanted to know if Clara knows something that Gary is going to do hence that he is the man they thought is the suspect. Clara noticed her father – Gary who is getting ready and so she asks him on where he is going.

Alvira and Susan David Mylene Dizon had an emotional reconciling each other to make everything alright. Susan and Mara went somewhere outside town to start a new life there without danger.

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Mara then went to see her foster grandmother – Lupe to ask for her help in putting Gary to jail. But Clara has another plan to win back everybody’s trust specially to Alvira.


With this incident, will Alvira and Amante finally decide to let Clara be the replacement of Mara for them to save both Mara and Clara’s life? Sales Promotion Gombal SineLove: Sinetdon the other hand, Gary David Jhong Hilario is so happy that all of his plans to ruin Amante mncv smoothly as what he wanted.

She went directly to a doctor and have it DNA tested for her to know the truth about what David mostly told her. Susan then asks sorry to Mara for staying away from her for the sake duyuung Clara. Clara then went back to the house where they hide both Mara and Alvira to see her father – Gary. Mara knew that Clara called her father – Gary to inform him about them being there in Isla Verde.

With this, is Clara showing good already or she is still pretending? Gary went everywhere and have picked some dirty foods in the trash can just to have something to eat. Clara then asked Alvira on when did she knew that Mara is there.

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Will there still be a chance that both Mara and Clara will be okay with each other? Amante then tells Lupe to forget about the past, move on and help them out in putting Gary David Jhong Hilario to prison.

Lupe then wondered why they both went outside and Gary hurriedly get the two sinetrkn of money. With this Clara was envious seeing that Christian was also there when Mara arrived.

Mara insulted Gary telling him that after his cruel doings, Mara is sure that Gary is going to hell soon.

So now that Mara and Susan are on their way to go mnxtv else safe, will they be successful? When Gary went to the bus station, he saw Mara and Susan together. Mara wanted to get away from Gary so she asked her parents that they are going abroad to start a new life putrl. Gary wanted to wait for Mara to wake up so that he can finally decide since he is going to attend his last hearing the day after.

Mara’s death is the start of Gary David’s Jhong Hilario richness. Clara then went to her room crying because her mother – Susan is spisode Mara against her again.


Will everybody give up their loved ones and start a new fresh life? Mara wanted to make sure that her parents – the Del Valle are doing fine.

Mara also wanted to see her foster mother – Susan David Mylene Dizon. Alvira can not resist Gary’s invitation knowing that Gary is so powerful and can do anything stupid if he will be able to know about her plans.

Clara David Julia Montes disagreed to the idea that she is going to help the family that has turned their back on her. Amante then tells Alvira that he will be freed soon and Alvira is shocked. Alvira then tells Clara that she don’t have the right to insult dyuung and Amante with that because they have done everything for Clara.

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Mara is saying her good bye to the ones that is close to her because her family is planning to migrate in Dubai. When Gary went back home and saw her mother – Lupe being so disturbed and noisy. Mamang then calls Mara and told her that her foster mother – Susan is visiting her. So Gary is so mad at Cristina mmctv she do not want her to involve him mnnctv her problem. Clara then tells Gary that he must surrender for him not to be in danger because Clara don’t want her father – Gary to be dead.

When Clara went back home, her father – Gary is there and wondered to where she went. And so they finally knew the reason – Clara may not be their real daughter! Will Alvira know about this? epiisode

Alvira is curious on what Gary is talking about and Mamang called her informing about what happened to Amante.