I wish growing up someone had advised me to put my eggs in a basket. I am not into porn, but honestly, watching some taught me how to do this better. It’s about an even mix with son’s friends. If it was not, there would be many more of them. DH was blonde until he was 3 [ Reply More. I feel sorry for anyone ending up with a C.

Cousin’s kid is going to Syracuse. What your husband say about your BJ’s that you need improvement? I had 2 C-sections and it was not a great recovery and vaginal birth is much better for the baby. I find that being very specific is what helps me the most. My mom did that to me [ Reply More. Why do you get to go out on NYE and not her? I’d take 5 vaginal recoveries over a c-section. Studies show they cause more damage than tearing.

This is a great point! I’d never dream of interfering, but I’m there for them, always. In which case OP doesn’t need to be a douche. I have to imagine they say that every year.

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Better luck finding slave labor next time lol. I was so concerned with making sure I had a vaginal birth with DB 1 because I’d been told the recovery from a C is awful. Is this too aggressive for someone who has recently slid into a funk of drinking too much, eating crappy food, and has gained 10lb in the past 4 months?

My DD’s SM is so awful her kids don’t even speak to her, they are with their dad. I’m sure she made other plans. Am only saying this as you are a single mom with a NB. But it’s no longer this morning. It is a great program, I am just nervous about his putting all eggs in that basket.


May not be a crime, but can be civil issue. If you mean he showed you his hand as in he raised it as if to strike you, then you better work on your issues asap. I think you and her mom are on here!

I wish growing up someone had advised me to put my eggs in a basket. After it gets better and better. Now, what do I do to stick with them? Lots of kids are in at safeties. Bus to Jay St. Booking a TV show [ Reply More.

I married my coworker. Go to steptalk where you belong. I am telling you this is not a good plan. No incontinence with the C section. I absolutely agree that you can realize you drink too much and have a hard time cutting back episodw not being a true alcoholic. Our kids helped with things, like cleaning up, but they weren’t responsible for things I wouldn’t do myself.

Congrats [ Reply More.

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You mean they spent their own money that you hoped to inherit one day? Want to feel your dinner reservation? They spent my money that I had inherited by the death of two different relatives. C sec with number 2. Besides that, you are implying that you aren’t paying her, and I don’t really blame her for backing out.

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Also once you have your first poop, it’s all much easier. Hoping they will stay light. I don’t think i’m an alcoholic, but I am just someone who lacks self restraint for the majority of pleasurable things- food, naps, alcohol, shopping.


Maybe that’s worse, haha. She can sleep in a carseat or stroller.


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If you think it’s tough to recover from a stretched vag, imagine recovering from your abdomen being sliced wide open. I need to just do a glass of wine days a week instead of 2 glasses of wine every night and 3 on Fridays! Preg with DB 2 now and thinking about scheduling a C.

We had a rocky start twenty years ago, but we’ve grown very close, to the extent where all of us “mothers” came together to decide what we wanted to be called when the babies were due.

I know the weight will come off if I can stop drinking. Not being mean here-I’d like some help too! My stepmom used to make me babysit and clean. I sad only drink alcohol nights per week- meaning one glass nights per week. It is for a grownup who needs to lose pounds. You are the real little shit here, OP.

Kids miss the snow and trees. Because I have learned not to shut up and take things.

If she’s sick, suck it up and do what you should have done in the first place: We are assuming she drinks wine, which I agree with you isn’t unhealthy – but she keeps saying “drinks” which leads me to think she’s drinking hard liquor which is truly toxic on the body.

But with alcohol, I feel like people think if you drink too much you need to stop entirely, forever.