Later, Muskaan’s ‘mehandi’ function begins and the celebrations go on in full swing. Although Bhairavi is apprehensive about such early marriage, Samarth seems excited. Meanwhile, Varun is trying his best to convince Surbhi to consider his love for her but Surbhi seems to be in no mood to marry him. Kavya tries to speak to Vasundhara and explain herself to her. Will Bhoomi manage to speak to her family about her new job? Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 4 – March 5, – Full Episode. Muskaan is introduced to all of Sambhav’s friends and is thrilled when she meets the CEO of a populor fashion magazine. Watch the entire function here.

Due a twist in fate, Vasundhara Prajapati goes from being a rich business woman to a common woman, maintaining her family through all the hardships of life. Watch Saoubhaghyalakshmi to know if Kavya will manage to reach home on time. The party gets over and Muskaan reaches home with Sambhav. Bhoomi completes her beautiful performance and Vasundhara Prajapati seems impressed by Bhoomi and her dance. Sambhav realizes that Muskaan has left him for Samarth and he decides to speak to her. She goes out to have a look and she sees Muskaan leaving with someone.

Saubhaghyalakshmi – | Watch Saubhaghyalakshmi (Hindi) TV Serial Online | ZEE5 | (Drama)

Samarth refuses to speak to Muskaan and drives away. Samarth removes the gold chain he is wearing and hands it over to Bhairavi.

Bhoomi is forced to spend another month in Bhopal and learning about this Riya feels happy. The story revolves around three sisters, Kuhu, Kavya and Muskaan, lakshmk live with their grandmother. Ansh learns that Bhoomi will be saubhgaya her job and will be going back to her place and this gets him upset as he feels that their story has come to an end before it has really begun.

She asks him to take her out at night so she can have some wine. Later, Vasundhara arrives at Samarth’s place with her three granddaughters. Muskaan is astonished when her grandmother enters the room and questions her about the new clothes that she has purchased.

That night, Samarth is lost in his thoughts about Muskaan while Muskaan is lost in thoughts of Sambhav. Vasundhara Prajapati reaches the Swastik Textiles to inspect the functions of her company and learning about her visit the workers get ready to put forward their best behaviour. In a series of surprising events Bhoomi’s marriage is fixed with Vasundhara’s nephew Ayushmaan who were already in love.



Kavya agrees to keep the pouch safe, unaware that Mansa has set a trap for her. They are pleased to learn that Bhoomi and her grandparents are responsible for this change in their parents. Meanwhile, Vasundhara gets ready to arrive at her factory and informs her aaubhagya to see to it that the visitors from Symbiosis arrive on time as she hates latecomers.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 3 – March 4, – Full Episode. It turns out that Ansh and Maan are the same person and his actual name is Anshuman. Will Bhoomi’s family agree to this decision made saubbagya Rajendar? Riya immediately lies and makes an excuse but this only disturbs Bhoomi further as she had never lied to her grandparents.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 5 – March 6, – Full Episode. She however melts when she sees the expensive gift that he has purchased for her. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Although Bhairavi is apprehensive about such early marriage, Samarth seems excited. ,akshmi

Vasundhara Prajapati and Bhoomi’s entire family are extremely happy as they have settled on Varun’s marriage with Surbhi and they have also agreed on getting Bhoomi married to Maan. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 16 – March 23, – Full Episode. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 13, – Full Episode. What will Prajapati’s reaction be when she learns that Maan is not home yet?

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 13 – March 18, – Full Episode. Bhoomi is upset that she will have to leave her job but when her brother calls her up, she seems more interested in the problems that he is facing with Surbhi.

Kavya offers to open the lid of the box but she finds it difficult to open it. Their families are happy about it, until, they discover that Vasundhra and Anshumaan were already dating before marriage and the families feel cheated.

Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 19, – Full Episode. More Videos of Bhaghyalakshmi. Sambhav’s mother asks Samarth to prepare for a meeting with a girl who would be home to discuss marriage. Just when the two of them are enjoying each other’s company, Vasundhara makes an interrupted entry and drags Surbhi away from the venue. At the same time, Rajendar is extremely upset as he wanted Bhoomi to fulfil her dream of doing a job in an IT company.


After the chain is not found, Mansa decides to search her purse but just then, Samarth stops Mansa. Bhoomi completes her beautiful performance and Vasundhara Prajapati seems impressed by Bhoomi and her dance. She starts to panic but luckily for her, Ansh comes as a saviour and saves her grandmother.

She agrees to give him one final chance to prove himself to her. Bhairavi arrives and threatens to call the police but Kuhu fearlessly opposes her. Bhairavi asks Samarth to fire Kavya but he informs her that he cannot do so as he is in love with Kavya’s sister, Muskaan.

While Avni and Vikram’s marriage is going on in full swing, Surbhi and Varun’s friendship grows further and they spend some time together Later, Vasundhara notices them standing in a corner separate from the other guests.

Will Kavya fall into the trap set by Mansa? Next day, Saubbhagya arrives with her family at Samarth’s house to begin the marriage preperations. She later learns that Bhoomi’s family is in their room and she seems horrified as she has made a mess out of their room.

Bhoomi later goes on to solve her brother’s problems by telling him ways to impress Surbhi.


Will Ansh manage to get the doctor at Bhoomi’s house in time? Surprisingly Vasundhara agrees to episore to Rajendar and decides to fix the marriage after six months. Upon reaching home, Samarth meets Muskaan and is mesmerized by her once again.

The management sees a drastic change in Kavya’s office and she has a new boss. Keep watching to find out what happens next.