Last but not the least is the team Kovai Killadigal that had Matangi Jagdish as the team lead and Al Rufian , Bhargavi, and Sathyanarayanan as team members. Shame they are fooling viewers worldwide. Once you do that, you’ll receive the good stuff next time we publish. She was excelent in this. Fun Grace Karunas best. Poornasree performing for Team Sougandhikam’s Remix song round in Tharothsavam 2.

Her replacement host was playback singer and season 1 captain-contestant, Mathangi Jagdish , Grand Finale on 25 September Chinmayi season 1 Mathangi season 2. Grace team always get good marks even if they perform bad. In the team Thanjai Thalapathigal, Madhu Balakrishnan is the team leader. Poornasree’s outstanding performance in sangeetha mahayudham season 1, this song from the movie “Konjum Silangai”. Team Sougandhikam member Poornasree sings “Panchatantram kadhayile Grace team is the best team. Ramu — your words are very harsh.

Kavya was the youngest performer of the show aged eleven. The ” Thanjai Thalapathigal” team consisted of:. SMY is well doctored show.

Chinmayi season 1 Mathangi season 2. Fun Grace Karunas best. I am not very happy with how the contest between Rahul and Prasanna was judged. But he is not giving opportunity to his male singer and is singing all songs unlike Sunitha who gives opportunity to her contestants allways.

I was on the shooting days present. The Thanjai Thalapathigal team led by playback singer Madhu Balakrishnan won the competition.

The show features 6 Indian playback singers who lead their teams of contestants to compete against sangeetya other team with a view of winning the Sangeeta Mahayuddham Champion Trophy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Poornasree Kannu thurakkatha YouTube. The playback singers will have to train their team members and make them ready for their performance so that they can compete with other teams.


Sangeetha Mahayudham 2 Next. Your email address is safe with us. Also, the before match. Shame they are fooling viewers worldwide. If you feel you’ve been sent unsolicited email and would like to register a complaint, please email our abuse department.

Watch the rendition of ‘Ezhilam paala poothu’, song from the film sangeethz. Usha would be more fair in her judging in the future. The show was telecast on weekend nights. Madhu led Suchithra, Kavya and Bharath into the battle. Very gutted at that loss. Finally, the winner of the show was the team Thanjai Thalapathigal team. The fabulous new line-up of captains this season includes big names from the Tamil music industry like: Vayalar Rama Varma, Music: This shows Sangeetha Sxngeetha consists of totally six playback singers.

Duet- super oh super…very very asngeetha chemistry sangwetha fun on stage. I vote for Rahul and Ranjith team. Team Sougandhikam goes to first place after the first round perf.

If you don’t see the email in about 10 minutes, check your spam filter. Poornasree performing for Team Sougandhikam’s Remix song round in Tharothsavam 2. Also, the spl guest jury should not give scoring as it alters the balance. Both full jolly team. You need to do one more thing before you’ll start receiving content from us. Sangeetha Maha Yuddhamthe musical reality show conceptualized and produced by Saibaba Telefilms Pvt.


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Seems this show telecast worldwide so better pls use proper and courtesy tamil language. And that’s just wrong. I want to watch Rahul show live. Grace is not behaving like good family lady. These 2 teams will play the final.

Super Singer 4 Tamil Previous. This is a big eyewash show. The term Sangeetha means singing and Mahayudham means big war. Celebrity Birthdays Actors Actress Others. The debut season of the seasom premiered on 19 Juneand was hosted by playback singer Chinmayi. Get more like it delivered to your inbox daily. Grace team is the best team. In general, the whole show Rahul and team was best.

Check your email for mahaudham message from SouthDreamz. You are writing here all the comments however you want but only few know truths about SMY 2. Am big fan of him.


Sunitha fell very ill with long hour of shoot. He is the playback singer. The girl in his team sang badly but they gave better performance than Naveen.