The Rio Parana in Argentina is home to a giant, powerful stingray. Another man also tells Wade of one time that he was forced to let go of his net to avoid being dragged down the river, as he had already been dragged around a hundred yards. Extreme Angler Jeremy Wade talks about some of the injuries he has had over the years filming River Monsters. Start your free trial. Great barracuda Wade travels to the Florida Keys , where an ocean kayaker was torn open by an attacker that leapt from the water, cracking her ribs and puncturing a lung. With huge jaws and two rows of needle-sharp teeth, the gar proves an elusive opponent. Then, he turns his attention to the Dunkleosteus , which did have the size and dental hardware necessary to crunch through bone.

Alligator gar Jeremy travels to the Trinity River in Texas , USA to discover the truth behind the alligator gar , a massive predator blamed for horrifying attacks on people. Red-bellied pacu Deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea , two separate deaths have attracted the media: Having already experienced their impenetrable armour and razor sharp teeth, Jeremy follows reports of giant gar all over the Trinity, only to find possible evidence of giant gar in a very unexpected place. Eventually, the sharks depart. He travels to the Babai River in Bardia National Park where he is granted several days to fish for the goonch. Jeremy revisits some of the many scientific projects he has worked with over his career and presents new information discovered since his time with the researchers. Jeremy Wade has placed himself in more danger than he cares to remember during his 30 years of travelling the globe.

He investigates the possibilities of the culprit being whirlpools or crocodiles, but determines neither fit. In this special edition of River MonstersJeremy relives some of his scariest encounters and looks back at rlver cases that took him to the brink of disaster in the most hostile environments on the planet.

Wade then eliminates off all of the other candidates besides the goonch.

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With no luck in reeling one specimen in with a line, he then dives deep into a murky river right in the middle of a school of young snakehead, hoping to find their murderous parents. The Amazon is home to a terrifying pack hunter that can bring down prey far larger than itself. Jeremy revisits some of the many scientific projects he has worked with over his career and presents new information discovered since his time with the researchers.


He also concludes that these fish were both practising their very easily agitated defensive behaviours. However, he uses up all of his allotted time, besides his last day, where he has two pools left to fish. In order for arapaima to have nests, there has to be at least two breeding individuals, and Wade states that the chance of falling foul of an arapaima on Lake Kenyir is abysmal.

However, Wade is able to identify it as a Black marlin. They travel for days to reach the deep seas where the squid can be found, bringing Jeremy and the crew great stress, and Jeremy’s nerves only worsen when he realises how easy it would be to fall overboard and be dragged under by converging squid. From Canada’s waterlogged wilderness come stories of a twenty-foot lake monster that attacks humans.

All the passengers die, and their bodies are retrieved stripped of flesh. Wade digs up eye-witness reports that tell of strange silvery fish perpetrating the first attacks.

River Monsters – Season 4 – Episode 7 – Mongolian Mauler

Believing to have proven his point, minsters prepares to leave. Multiple setbacks and volatile weather have Jeremy looking to native spirits for a boost in confidence.

He immerses himself in the culture of the Mucushi and must earn the trust of these native people to gather their knowledge and hear their stories.

To attain a sense of the monstrosity of the Rhizodont, Jeremy visits a massive saltwater crocodile in captivity.

One of these giants even draw blood on his hand. Sharks cannot see red light. Local divers have allegedly witnessed giant catfish and been too scared to dive in the lake again.

Described as long and muscular, with large teeth and horizontal black stripes, Jeremy goes hunting for a fish to match the description. This is the first ever proof that shark aren’t just swimming around in the Australian rivers, they even breed in them. Armed with this knowledge, Wade lands a series of large barracuda, culminating in a showdown with a barracuda big enough to break bone out of water.

The waters of the world are full of strange aquatic beasts. Now, Wade wants to see a Six-Gilled Shark in its own environment.


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After venturing to the largest freshwater lake in Southeast AsiaJeremy abandons his modern giver gear for a net and fishes with locals, placing him head-to-head against this small yet deadly opponent. His offering paid off and he managed to catch a taimen. This season featured the white sturgeonWade’s second largest catch.

However, the tigerfish keep their distance, and Jeremy gets out of the water. Giant tximen Jeremy Wade tells of the most dangerous of all the river monsters he’s ever faced from the previous seasons.

The sareng was also caught in the series finale, “Malaysian Lake Monster”. Attack of the Killer Lampreysa horror film in which Jeremy Wade makes a cameo appearance. Red-bellied piranha Jeremy Wade journeys to the heart of Brazilfollowing reports in which a bus crashes into the Amazon Riverand all the passengers are eaten by a pack of red-bellied piranhas.

Scientists predict that at this time of monstres, greenland sharks will congregate in this area.

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Mongolian Mauler 13 May In this special episode, Wade discusses some of them. The victims all show signs of burns on their corpses, and the Electric eel is quickly identified as the culprit. Queensland grouper Wade investigates the deaths of six men whose plane crashed in the northern seas of Australia, with only a single severed leg left behind on a beach as evidence.

He lands a fish but unfortunately it is not a Taimen.

rriver Looking around, he uncovers its identity: Red-bellied piranha Pygocentrus haimen Giant grouper Epinephelus lanceolatus Bull shark Carcharhinus leucas Giant snakehead Channa micropeltes Goliath tigerfish Hydrocynus goliath.

Wade then takes looks at a picture he has of an arapaima. Electric eel Jeremy Wade returns to the Amazon to search for a mysterious and deadly killer with a reputation to match its awesome ability. He must read the water and in some cases the land for clues to bring long-forgotten beasts to light.