This has happen many times before. I have been charged every time I return a movie and I make sure I check my account after to see if I was properly charged. University Press of Kentucky. This happened before in May and a couple times last year. And then the great customer service that they have. They need to be sued.

Well, of course, I did call, because I have NEVER been late renting or returning, so my account not being in “good standing” was absurd. She still said they did not charge me, I guess my eyes were lying to me! This company is not yet accredited. When I called in to “Customer Care”, I was told that it had nothing to do with my rental history. They need to be sued. This company is getting too fat-headed and they don’t care about us customers that created their company. Retrieved 15 July They have my money, but I did not authorize the transaction.

As of now I will take my business to Netflix! Redbox must really be hurting to charge everyone 7 dollars in late fees. Why in the world does have a Customer Care Department if they are angry when you have complaints that you voice? Never been to Redbox. By using this movied, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is not worth the hassle for the cheaper streaming price I am late every once in a while but I have every charge on my card.

That was nearly three months ago! It didn’t work so I called and they said it was for the next day. Archived from the original on August 4, I have been a long time Redbox customer, and after these last few months I am never renting from them again!

They’ve earned my repeat business for sure! As part of the agreement, Redbox entered a supplier arrangement of purchasing product and services from NCR. The New York Times. In Q2kiosks accounted for 36 percent of the disc rental rebdox, with 38 percent of that attributable to rent-by-mail services and 25 percent to traditional stores, according to the NPD Group.


Either she was huffing paint thinner or didn’t believe. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Redbox.

As soon as I said that they locked me out of deleting my credit card info from the website and blocked my access to my account info too. Redbox kiosks feature the company’s signature red color and are located at convenience storesfast food restaurantsgrocery storesmass retailers, and pharmacies. Upon arrival at the wrong kiosk, they told me that I was at the wrong kiosk, and had to go back to the one I was at before.

Do not rent at Redbox! All they care about is getting paid. In addition, the software, designed and developed by Enterprise Logic Systems, [49] [50] was also innovative in that it allowed Ocrvallis to remotely monitor and manage inventory at all kiosks throughout the country.

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Tried to rent a movie tonight and received the error message “We’re sorry – A reservation could not be made because your Redbox account is not in good standing”.

I will call my bank first in the morning to file a fraud charge. I returned the movies the next day.

So apparently if someone reedbox your bank information and buys a Redbox movie you’re pretty much out of luck. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Was renting for the kids. Retrieved 15 July Inhe became the Chief Operating Officer of Redbox.

The “customer service” rep then said it was because it is a “fully automated system that tries to collect fund every week.


They refuse to remove all corvxllis so I have to dispute with my credit card company. Is that not what it’s there for?

I drove more than 20 miles, visited 3 locations, and didn’t get my movies. Redbox usage topped iTunes 7. As of the end of NovemberRedbox had over 42, kiosks at more than 34, locations. You cannot just request a refund because you have to talk it out and answer questions every time with still no credit issued. They just lost a valued customer. I was livid because this had been handled a month ago and yet, again, I had been charged. Now I told them I would dispute the charge as fraudulent and also press charges for fraud.

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Some kiosks are located outside store location in parking areas”. I also have disputed this with my bank but WTF is going on. And then the great customer service that they moviees.

Redbox and Redbox On Demand are two separate companies different phone numbers. It seems to me that whatever country Redbox farms out their office workers I think The Philippines at need to be schooled on customer service and basic math! I can stream movies on my Kindle for free and Amazon has no issues with calls that I make. One caused an overdraft fee as I got paid a day later.