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Ok here is the cool part Minion 6ix or Minion 6ix Log In to reply. Thanks Log In to reply. For higher speed, High timing value can be chosen. All right I have to put my two cents in. Fatherfox on July 6, But we have not yet tried so it is not guaranteed but you are welcome to report. Only thing i have is Nine Eagles 20 cm long mini helicopter.

For a 10 cells NiMH battery, fully charged voltage is 1.

This craft is a joy to fly. If yes, then you need to use a washer. Soft or Super-soft are preferred for helicopters.

SimonK 10A ESC & RCX 1804 2400KV Motor CW & Gemfan 5030 Propeller Combo for QAV250

Yoou sir have great taste! Reminded me of a bug on my visor: Mini Hex – What’s my name? The RCX motors and 10 amp escs are fine but I am going to switch to Cobra kv motors and 12 amp escs or something close for more power. JV Machete “Jason vorhees” because it resembles an evil face with a white hockey mask over it and the props are the blades!!

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 25 February, Ok so, minutes later you end up with this. We also do not distribute or sell this motor to any other China sellers.

Lol nice guys I will pick a name tonight and a serles will be announced tomorrow Zatoichi will be doing the honor here: Phil Dici on July 7, If the motor is not running smoothly, it is properly due bad bearing or bad motor shaft so you can just replace the bearing or the motor case. Flattery will get you far!

The frame is designed for the Multistar from HK.

RCX SimonK 10a ESC Brushless Motor Speed Controller for Multicopter | eBay

10z build started by snipping this frame out with some nippers and sanding marks down in a spot or rcs. Supergoldfish on July 6, Very eager to see the results! Flymann on July 7, Zatoichi on July 9, You will enjoy it a lot, this is a little beast, with that motor combo you are going to be fast!! Please recommend to your friends after you have tried!! Jewel Hex – Jewel bug Log In to reply. This is very definitely a sporty little number! Default is Soft Cut-Off.

D Log In to reply. The base of the frame in mine is upside-down to fit the rcx motors.

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And here is a few names. For higher speed, High timing value can be chosen. You’ve entered the wrong email format! All times are GMT Ask a new question.

Rcx 10a G series Simonk ESC’s – RC Groups

The tumble at the end was due smionk wind,nerves,and lack of tuning! For lithium batteriesthe number of battery cells is calculated automatically.

I find your suggestion verry cool! You said it man. RAM on July 6, Some people have questioned us “Do you really have stock? Mebby not the most family friendly name,but then Pat wasn’t crazy about my suggestion of Sauron’s Helm.

RCX SimonK 10a ESC Brushless Motor Speed Controller for Multicopter

Ok here is the cool part This motor was designed and manufactured by RCX since It seried because we are trying to beat the price of another competitor. Looking for simlnk store account? If you continue to use our services or create a new account, we will assume that you agree to our. Jabar on July 15, Wallace Waggner on July 31, Flat4 on July 6, Which ESC is suitable for this motor?