While leaving from the mall, Aarti receives Mansi’s call. She states that the following day after his marriage, Yash had to share Arpita’s belongings with Aarti. Satyendra smartly handles the situation and tells Aarti that he accidentally brought the wrong box of sweets from the vendor. After Aarti leaves, Shobha decides to call up Gayatri and reject Yash’s proposal. Shobha gets worried thinking how she was going to reveal to Aarti that they had told the Scindia family that Aarti was a widow and not a divorcee. When Yash returns to his house, Sindhiya Niwas, his mother finds him upset and asks the reason. Aarti and Shobha get apprehensive when Ansh asks her when he would meet his father.

The Ticket Checker accuses her of traveling without a proper ticket. When Pratik returns home, he informs Yash about it. She tells Aarti that she would not allow her to work as it was her engagement day. Paridi is surprised on learning that Yash has decided to attend the party. To his dismay, at that time, Mansi and Vijay move aside and the flowers get showered on Aarti. Aarti is left shocked when she sees the wedding card. Yash feels uneasy as Aarti enters the room.

The police round up Aarti and Yash too inspite of them pleading innocence. She shares her wish with Pratik.

She tells Aarti not to accept Scindia family’s decision against her wish. Shobha requests her to accompany her to a holy dargah.

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Yash’s aunt enters the room and tries her best to instigate Yash against Aarti. Gayatri calls up Shobha and informs her that they have selected a mahurat for Yash and Aarti’s wedding.


Aarti is left shocked when she sees Yash dancing with the female dancer. He calls up the Dubey residence and expresses desire to meet Aarti immediately. Instead of pacifying Aarti, Mansi tells her that Yash is a flirt and asks her to accept the reality. Yash too is left shocked when he sees Aarti.

Vidhi signals Pratik and asks him to go out of the compartment to talk to her. Punar Vivaah – Episode 18 – Full Episode. She states that Prashant does not care whether they were dead or alive. She requests Aarti to forget her past and start a new life with Yash.

Yash tries his best not to look at Aarti but he gets distracted due to the flickering light reflecting from Aarti’s dress.

Aarti recollects the moments spent with her ex-husband Prashant and for a moment imagines him to be around her. Pratik had vowed not to marry until Yash agrees to get remarried. A furious Aarti rejects Yash’s proposal as she does not want to separate from Ansh.

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Satyendra tells Yash’s father that they must perform the roka ceremony without further delay. Punar Vivaah – Episode 23 – Full Episode.

She feels upset as Shobha had kept the truth hidden from her. She also makes them serisl that she would be their new mother. She tries to convince Shobha and Satyendra that just by changing her name she would never be able to take over Arpita’s position in Yash’s life.


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She then 251 Aarti and Yash. The inspector gets scared on learning about Yash’s identity and so releases the duo. The inspector rudely asks Aarti how much she charged Yash for her company. Aarti refuses to return the money, instead asks Pratik to pay full payment of the commodities that Pankaj had purchased from vibah. He decides to talk to Aarti immediately in order to clear the confusion. Shobha replies that his father’s name was Yash Scindia.

Shobha is about to refuse Gayatri but Satyendra stops her.

She adds that Yash has to accept Aarti as his wife. Gayatri intervenes and vivsh Ansh to wash his hands and freshen up as he had just returned from school. Yash gets irritated but assures to pay the bill. They discuss how Yash’s late wife, Arpita always had a smiling face and also had better complexion than Aarti.

He is a widower and has two daughters. Pankaj expresses his happiness to Yash.