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To that end, Alexa suggests that he travel with her back to her home in the Kalos region just as Team Episodee hatches another plan to steal Pikachu. Los Viajes Johto Chinese Mandarin: On the way to meet Ibuki, she befriends and helps a Fukamaru which Iris considers capturing.

Diamond and Pearl DP: Fishing Sommelier Dent Appears!! The Rival Trio Appears!! Adventures in Unova and Beyond. The group finally reaches the waters off of Kanto, just as Team Rocket once again tries to do their best to take Ash’s Pikachu. Kiri no Kanata ni! The X in the Fog!! Fire it Up, Mao’s Family!! Adventures in Unova and Beyond.

Pokemon S 1 Ep 9- The School of Hard Knocks

Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl Korean: The History of Mega Evolution!! It’s a Battle in the Parfum Palace!! Retrieved 2 November Retrieved from ” https: Hajimete no shima, hajimete no Pokemon-tachi!! Subsequent episodes of the English advebture follow the original Japanese order, except where banned episodes are shown. Avonturen in Unova Portuguese Brazil: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kaze no naka no meguriai!! The Mask of Punishment!! The Different Colored Crimgan!!


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