Her eyes were filled with shock. Trust me, I’ll be okay. He sat down next to her. Didn’t mean to scare you. Ekayon smiled as he turned back to normal and put away his X-Reader. Retrieved from ” https:

The episodes are different every week without much of an overarching plot. Drama, grades, and other pressures can sure get you down. He sat down next to her. Focusing the Prism Kairu on that, his hand glowed with a golden light, entering the ring and purifying the Shadow Kairu. I didn’t know what to get you at all. With friends like Team Stax and enemies like the Imperiaz, high school can get pretty crazy. But, he can’t let his emotions stay on that. Episode 10 The Timeline Cross

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It got here this morning, hence why it’s so badly wrapped. Redakai came in with a lot of fanfare but fell by the wayside in the United States after just a few months due to overwhelmingly negative reception.

I’m not even sure if my X-Reader can fit it all. Marathon Media Spin Master Entertainment. Lokar never does acts of desperation.


And that’s what happens to Maya I don’t own redakai. However, some countries, like Australia, have aired the English episodes with the US having no sign of airing them at alland they can be found online if you know where to look. Normally, he would have married the first born princess, Priscilla. Ky quickly caught it. The Platinum Infinita looked similar to normal Infinita, but it was a platinum colored fire, and it appeared to have platinum armor on it, plus the flames at the top of its head were far larger and more intense looking.

Ekayon rolled his eyes. Aren’t I the best at not being died yet? Episode 6 A Warrior’s Remembrance 7. As he felt around for energy in the ring, his eyes widened.

Ky let go of Maya’s hand and let go of Platinum Metanoid.

But, as I am the only one who knows the full extent of the truth, only I could ruin my plans that I have for you.

Shogun Steel Oh No! He’s always been one step ahead, so that makes me very concerned that he would do something this bold.

Just In All Stories: After using it, instead of turning all the Shadow Kairu back, it only worked on Kairu that had already been found. Now Maya will be tested for the limits she would go to protect her friends from the madman that was her grandfather.

Michelle Lamoreaux Robert Lamoreaux. But seriously guys, you don’t need to go on this one.

But Redakai High isn’t for normal kids, and Tetra Nike and company definitely aren’t normal. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Smoke Screen can be a great attack so that your enemy can’t see you, but that also means you can’t see your own reddakai, which can cause you to hit them rather than your opponent. If only you knew the truth. For the entertainment and gaming franchise by Spin Master, see Redakai: It was a red velvet box, and inside was a pair of beautiful sapphire flower earrings inlaid with gold.


The series revolves around Ky, a year-old student sezson ancient martial artswho embarks on an epic quest to find the Picturse, a primordial alien energy source. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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He sat down next to her. He and Boomer made kissy faces, which made Maya glare at them. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

As Ky took hers, he also grabbed his X-Reader. That should be able to get it off right? Maya sat on top of the X-Scaper early in the morning, looking worried. She redskai Master Boaddai a concerned look. What would happen then? Episode 1 Arrival of the Femmicore 2. Ekayon smiled as he turned back to normal and put away his X-Reader. But she is already married.

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