It was published in diferent languages under the neutral title Gavrilo Princip. This project consisted of documentary films and TV series, television live programs and debates, radio programs, exhibitions, books, etc. This brought up the genre of literary non-fiction, a style that is particularly popular in the Low Countries after the succes of the book and a tv-serial of In Europe, a European history of the 20th century by Geert Mak It is also interesting to observe how, in the age of technological development, new media innova- tion and constant progress, contemporary artists choose to turn to the art and museum history, observe their predecessors and create works of art with many — hidden or obvious — reminiscences to the past artists, museologists, historians and philosophers. At the beginning of the book the authors describe the atmosphere at the eve of World War I; there was a certain enthusiasm among the Europeans, a discharge of feelings. All three time dimensions buckle into the circle of mythical time which rules in the Balkans. In a less bloody way, though. This caused wide dismay and protest in the international press.

What a bunch of felons! Narator u seriji Montevideo Bog te video daleko je neutralniji. This caused wide dismay and protest in the international press. He goes against the current, by publishing in Italian in France, and by publishing a comedy as a book, instead of putting it on stage. With their projects they want to invite readers from both countries to get to know each other better and to overcome the stereotypes. Eventually, these processes could lead to an ongoing evolution of West Balkan and European identity, history and culture. The connection between the theatro- logical database and the objects in the museum collections is of particular importance. I luoghi, i testi e gli attori.

Stern je smijenjen krajem This library has to date a hundred digital collec- tions of objects of cultural heritage, with over two million items Injac The result is a contamination of linguistic planes, rhetorical levels and literary genres that yields a violent critique of the learned language, which is reduced to a repertory of formulas, and transports onto the social plane the coincidence of infinitely large and infinitely small, illustrated in the cosmological dialogues.

Nastala je prava pobuna. Dutchman and author Wim Wagenaar is such a bridge figure, too. At the beginning of the 20th century, inhe became a hero of a silent film by Giovanni Pastrone.

Za KK Partizan potpisali Stevanović, Gavrilović i zlatni junior Tadić

Internal inconsistencies are a very important part of any broader narrative that pretends to longevity — nationalistic narrative, based around the ooznici and the destiny of a given people, is by no means the exception; on the contrary, it deals, as we saw, in absolutes.

Also, theoretical discourse on cultural heritage and digital media, especially in the field of museums, could include some specific topics, such as: Ten years ago, they published an open invitation to the Dutch and the Flemish audience to visit Belgrade. The poems are the summary of the reflections on Princip and the 20th century including the beginning of the 21st century.


Dutch search ddrama and digital archives such as Delpher1 and the website of the Dutch Royal Library2in Flanders still dra,a construction3, are a very help- ful tool for the media archaeologist.

The artists made a five minute-long special trailer for their per- formance at the Bruno festival in Nola, in slow motion, posted on April 14, The second is the visual na- ture of the media — the posters are images, and like such, are more universal than works of cinema or literature that are constricted by a certain language.

The artist acts in a way to recognize an object and introduce it to the world of art, putting it on the pedestal and making it the part of magical circle of art.

Ovo mu je prvi put. Built into the very structure of the ideology of national- ism is the very same principle of syncretism — it is and was in the given chronological context a very young ideology, but it clams ancientness and antiquity. A perfect example is this ideo- logical poster, Bolschewismus bringt Krieg, Arbeitslosigkeit und Hungersnot9 Bolsevism brings war, destruction and hunger. The audience is prepared to be empathi- cal and is given arguments for the historical justification of the controversial figure.

Intervista con Tato Russo. The Venice Biennale Contemporary Art Exhibition held inone of the most prominent and the biggest European contemporary art manifesta- tions brings back for the first time in the 20th century the connection of art and science in one artistic manifestation.

The first reason is the expected simplicity of the message and of the language used; the message on the war poster must be direct, clear, visually impressive and easily understandable to all — espe- cially if we are considering the WWI poster given the percentage of illiterate people in Europe at the time of the war and the fact that the large percentage of the target audience would not be able to read.

The murder of Sarajevo is, to a certain extent, a suicide. Access to the digital heritage: If we are looking for the nationalistic narrative, war poster seems like an excellent media to be analyzed. Later on, two journal- ists gave two completely diferent eyewitness accounts of Princip in his cell. De man die WO I ontketende. The contextualisation is especially im- portant regarding the question of responsibility of the perpetrators e.

This caused wide lozniici and protest in the international press. U skladu sa definisanim ciljem, prate se: Tokom osme decenije Les petites histoires This multibiography of Princip meaning a collection of a century of Princip interpretations is intersected by numerous small anecdotes that the authors discovered during their research and that to their surprise are somehow con- nected to the Princip story.

This imagological study of Princip is illustrated by what the authors consider to be the core of their story: And then again there will be wonderful speeches about the horrors of war and the necessity of peace.


At the same time in Drwma this day is marked as com- memoration of the victims of the exodus, that was a result of the operation Oluja Storm. At the beginning of the 21st century, the character of Giordano Bruno remains mediatically attractive and controversial. In this case, the new media kept full record of the metamorphosis.


Here we want to give some examples. The produced episodes tell the story of the first two months of the German occupation, the arrival of Chetniks to Serbia over the Drina river, and the foundation of their HQ at Ravna gora. The basic platform is a digital theatre art museum which includes the electronic rep- ertoires of all theatres in Serbia from the beginning of professional theatre XIX century to the present moment, and a repository of digital collections based on the collections housed in the Museum of Theatrical Arts of Serbia, along with a portal which can show the collections of archives and libraries of Serbian theatres or those of private owners.

The use of new technologies in the preservation of cultural heritage has proved to be of significance in lozniici eral ways. The video play presents the beast of a politician-pontif-business magnate as an Loznivi of our time, torment- ing a 21st century Giordano Bruno portrayed as a biker persecuted by a series of flashes accompanied by loud noise.

This book ofers an interdisciplinary approach, since the analysis are situated in various fields of cultural and media studies, sociology, philosophy, heritage studies, art and history, etc. If she is motherly, she cannot be Athens a virgin, therefore not a mother, warrior goddess, clearly of solar origin and nature ; if she is protector, she cannot be Virgin Mary initially also a virgin but a symbol of a virtuous mother — clearly of chthonic origin and nature.

Entering theatrological data first and not the digital collections based on the museum collection was also due to the fact that many museum-relevant parameters i. In this final chapter we want to give some striking examples of some of these slices, first from the 20th 4.

(FOTO) POČINJE REKONSTRUKCIJA MARAKANE: Evo kako će izgledati stadion Crvene zvezde

However, the brilliant shots of the cameraman, Mihajlo Ivanjikov, later would be used as the documentary shots inserted in the film of the epochs, sustaining the atmosphere, reconstructing the materiality of the era.

The political moment involves two components that further tailor the narrative perspective. University of Minnesotta Press. Along with the number of diferent regional projects, Fama estab- lished a specific model of facing the past.

Bruno has been strongly attached to the new media of his time.