Should be pretty interesting since we both have the same watt meter. In your post you mention that you have always assumed that the max-amp rating given by the manufacturer was something that could not be exceeded without potential consequences. Airspeed using the 6×5 on 6s is enough that in a full power dive the wing tips flattern out and act like ailerons. You also ask how it would be possible, given my results, to achieve the exact manufacturer rating of W 12v 3S or W 15v 4S. Heat is your enemy. I remember you posted on my forum post about this motor.

Setup details are below Every test was performed using a freshly charged battery and as you can see from the pictures I used my Spektrum DX8 radio and a Spektrum ARe 6 channel park flyer receiver. Even the HobbyKing website says “Prop data coming soon”. On both setups the motor and the ESC only get warm to the touch. When I do however I’ll post the results up so we can compare. It flies around mph calculated with unlimited vertical and a nice “happy prop” sound.

From what I have learned the manufacturer rating of the motor is a number they give you to let you know what they consider to be the safe limit and optimal 335 level for the motor.

Prop Testing – NTM Prop Drive 35-36A 1800Kv / 875w from HobbyKing

I decided to try a 4S but only purchased the battery. So erive numbers you get on the ground while holding the plane are usually a bit higher than when the plane is flying in the air. I also know from the video that using an 8×8 prop with the setup they used was not the most responsible thing to do.

I run it on 6s with a 6×5 aeronaut carbon prop.


I also welcome feedback and input from other readers as well. I put this motor on my new scratch built FT Viggen and I have been flying it with two different setups. 875s details are below It flies approximately mph calculated with unlimited vertical and a nice “happy prop” sound.

Sereis also know from the video that using an 8×8 prop with the setup they used was not the most responsible thing to do. And it could be weeks before one has even that relatively small number of flights under the belt.

Last but not least I also found a few YouTube videos of people using this motor with a 6 cell battery and small 5. Now your test results bring answers to some of my questions.

First let me say that I am no expert by any means. At the end of the show you see when David’s plane bursts into flames That is a long way from being a reasonable option. Once I get them I will update this article and post the results using the 6 cells batteries as well.

As far as the second part of your question, “how do you get to the Max Power”, keep in mind that the power output is constantly changing and even when you do get the exact sries power output” it does not stay constant for very long. Now that you have it tested you’ll have to get it flying!

NTM Prop Drive Series A Kv / w

As the voltage of your battery decreases the power output of the motor also decreases. Heat is your enemy. As you can see from the results below I maxed out the current using a 4 cell battery and an 8×6 prop.

Hi I am new here but have a bit more info on this motor for you. But I still haven’t made use of it. Whether you decide to exceed those numbers or not you still need to make sure that the electronics do not overheat because in the end it is not amps or watts that kill your electronics, it is heat produced by the electricity that will damage them.


NTM Prop Drive Series 35-36A 1800Kv / 875w

I still have yet to even pull mine out of the bag to begin ntk. This site uses cookies. I had been running things just fine on a 3S battery and a 7×6 prop.

Still keep in mind that those numbers will never be constant for long because the voltage of your battery is always changing. I tested the motor with different props ranging from 7×6 to 8×6 using a 4 cell battery and from 8×4 to 9×7. This is good reading. I sries we were talking on a forum post about this awhile back. I thought it might be helpful to post the pfop for anyone who is thinking about getting this motor.

Forums The Workbench E Motors. To sum this all up I think the best way serise think about the “manufacturer rating” is that they are giving you a ball park number that you should try to stay as close too as possible.

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