It seems to be saying the only area immune from criticism is the left. Here’s the usual ‘trying-to-put-the-useful-stuff-all-in-one-post’ post My last submissions for Newsjack Series 6. The comedy revolution is here. Like last series, the cast is different each week this time — a mixture of performers who were great during previous series plus some exciting newcomers. More tech gags wanted!

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Always good to hear from another aspiring comedy writer. Sitcom Geeks podcast say lots and lots about Newsjack , including interviews with Angela Barnes ep 70 , the commissioned writers ep 69 and more. The chosen scripts for the regional … Continue reading The Sitcom Trials — So you think you write funny? Last post by Patrick Robinson on 2nd Sep RSS feed for this topic.

Thanks for foruk report, Adrian. That’s a dictionary, not an encyclopedia FFS! Basic Animator and comedy writer wanted. The evening is to raise awareness of mental health issues and get people talking about it. Last post by AdamHunt on 16th Dec Or they thought ‘fuck, somebody actually read what we wrote. Auditchris Sunday 9th September The tide is turning.

David also has a very useful list of what NOT to write for Newsjack. It does partly why so much of BBC comedy is so desperately unfunny nowadays. Your other questions are wide enough I think they deserve to newsjadk answered in a blog post of their own. Is anyone else struggling to approach Newsjackpedia as anything other than comery Uxbridge English Dictionary? The last webchat with the crew is available on the link at the top, as are other blogs by other writers.

Newsjack: the writers’ meeting

Latest posts A short film: Come on, one last credit… Share this: Fairly obviously I couldn’t be bothered to read your novel, ndwsjack this made me hoot: My last submissions for Newsjack Series 6. We get a lot of left leaning sketches in, or sketches that attack the right. Many writers advocate thinking of ideas but using the Sunday as a writing day if possible.


You will also need to write an intro to each sketch that Angela will read out to introduce the sketch. See guidelines above Week 5 is the notoriously ‘slow’ newjsack, when submissions drop off cos everyone’s pissed off with rejection by then and doesn’t bother submitting.

Last post by Rood Eye on 31st Jul Last post by Paul Bruce on Monday 7th January, Keep punching them up and reading them through looking for joke nedsjack. Think of a beginning, middle and end.

This represents a shift in the way comedy is developed, and a link to the modern way in which media is consumed. Wanted – technology gags for a new comedy podcast paid. Then have a look at their examples. What are peoples first impressions of the new “bit”?

Some might say typos are even more heinous than left-wing bias, so I’m not sure they can win either way. Well, I’ve got two sketches just about ready to go. Submissions open on Thursday for a deadline 12pm Monday. I responded a day later and got put on neesjack waiting list because the session was already fully booked. Ed Morrish’s what and how to write for Newsjack. I have only just looked at your blog so some of these questions may become apparent later on but……are there any transcripts of your submissions both successful and unsuccessful?


Another child has emerged from my wife since the last series so it’s very difficult to find time to write! For a variety of reasons, it is much more difficult to get stuff on now than on earlier series and is probably one of the most difficult newsjwck of your comedy career.

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He wrote this in the run-up to series 7. List of helpful videos from the staff about script editing, the writers’ meeting, etc. Adrian, Thanks very much for this. Write your best sketch that week. Last post by Wrenfoe on 2nd Aug The comedy revolution is here.

We envisage this as a great way of finding different angles and stories for the show, so think imaginatively and topically! Good point – I’ve emailed them and they’ve replied with “thanks”, so I guess that newzjack means a typo. Much more scope to get a funny in than the number crunchers. The Daily Mail” neesjack always go down well. Which I will do as soon as I newsjackk steal the time. The first sentence says the show might be getting too much left-leaning material, so it’s odd the second sentence makes it sound like it wants to be even leftier.

I have done a sketch, three one-liners and ground to a halt with only one ‘newsjackpedia’. Sketches wanted for a podcast.