Episode Ep Nov 27, Meanwhile, Lucas finds a new way to get over Emilia. Episode Ep 17 Feb 1, Meanwhile, Paul gives Priya an ultimatum. He passes it off as birthday blues, lying to Tash by telling her he’s already invited Aidan to the party, but that he’s working and couldn’t get the time off. At Sonya’s suggestion he agrees he’ll come and spend a little ‘bloke time’ with Toadie to discuss their fatherly futures. She gives him a kiss and a hug, as Aidan walks in.

Chris is a great guy. Episode Ep 94 May 18, Meanwhile, Cal takes Rani on a date. Meanwhile, Summer struggles to trust Andrew. Lucas’s journey towards accepting being a father increases. Why didn’t he tell the truth about his suspension? Toadie finds out that one of the forged emails used by Peter to frame him was sent while he was in a meeting with Paul as he fights to clear his name. He passes it off as birthday blues, lying to Tash by telling her he’s already invited Aidan to the party, but that he’s working and couldn’t get the time off.

But while she reassures Toadie about them being a team, Lucas walks away, concerned that his situation with Vanessa is somewhat different.


He hugs Toadie and congratulates him on the news of Sonya’s pregnancy. Episode Ep 96 May 22, Episode Ep Aug 2, Is this the news Sonya has been waiting for? Episode Ep 18 Feb 2, Tash might have enjoyed the live action role play game she wernt to with Ed, but she does not wants anybody else knowing. Sparks are flying between these two!


Episode Ep May 31, Harley doesn’t trust Cal. Karl and Ajay’s band becomes less of a hobby and more of a burden after Andrew pressures them to look for a bass player. Meanwhile, with her father gone, what will Tash do?

Previously on Neighbours – Paul donating blood to improve his image – Callum and Rani fake a romance to get back at Sophie – Aidan realises he isn’t invited to Chris’ birthday – Aidan breaks up with Chris. Episode Ep 97 May 23, Meanwhile, Sophie doesn’t approve of what Kate’s doing.

Meanwhile, Audrey’s departure causes a ruckus. Episode Ep Jul 19, Paul schedules a meeting with a PR representative for the afternoon. Episode Ep 38 Mar 1, Unfortunately for him, it might be a case of too little, too late.

Episode Ep 7 Jan 18, With the truth lurking in the shadows, Tash pushes her family away – is it for good? Erinsborough Hospital Chris pulls up in his new car, and soon finds Aidan inside.

Episode Ep 69 Apr 13, Episode Ep 25 Feb 11, Episode 6 years ago. Neeighbours is that going to help Sophie? Michael and Emilia’s relationship is blown wide open, and Lucas reacts angrily. Episode Ep Aug 30, What does this mean for their relationship? After Kyle ends his and Callum’s scheme, Callum attempts to blackmail him.


Episode Ep 51 Mar 20, They also scare Lucas by hammering home how much of a lifetime commitment parenting is! Thinking that Karl’s written a love song about her, Susan is worried that he still has feelings for her.

Can he win her back? Karl seems ready to move on with a new woman, but is Susan ready to let go?

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Episode Ep 54 Mar 23, Jade is scared that Troy epidode going to take revenge, but the discovery that he is in hospital sees other fears. Episode Ep Oct 10, Sophie explains to Callum and Rani that they should have got their stories straight if she was going to fall for it.

Lucas’s journey towards accepting being a father increases.

Episode Ep 82 May 2, Rhys remains determined to gain a place in the surgery program and works to uncover his next target’s weakness. Episode Ep Jul 27, Episode Ep 45 Mar 10, Jade is back for a fleeting visit, but will Kyle eoisode what he wants before she leaves for good? Episode Ep 15 Jan 28, Meanwhile, Andrew’s secret illness comes out – in public.