Additional Product Features Exterior Color. Be the first to write a review. Prior Purchaser of a different piece of equipment was recently upset when I made my first ever mistake related to Shipping Costs with their purchase: That is, it has on the back a network connection. The shape is large, yet ergonomic, and it’s finished in a coffee table-friendly gloss black. Not only that, but the remote also makes navigation a breeze. If we’re being picky, we’d probably have put the playback buttons higher up, but otherwise it’s a top-notch zapper. Have We Lost our Way?

Motion handling is also slick, as demonstrated when Will Smith’s car is tracked with nary a trace of judder as he races around in pursuit of the deer. Physical Characteristics Width Is There A Difference? Against Pictures price No built-in memory. From the analogue stereo output, the T injects any CD it plays with a healthy dose of energy and detail and delivers a good balance across the frequency range. Gadgets Gadgets See all. Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter:

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Could someone at NAD have a quirky sense of humour? Reader Rating 0 Votes. The shape is large, yet ergonomic, and it’s finished in a coffee table-friendly gloss black. Whole-house or Multi-zone Audio. Highlights from the Florida Audio Expo. Halloween — Blu-ray Movie Review.

See all 2 pre-owned listings. Until now, that is. Let’s not forget the good stuff, though, such as the T’s superb colour reproduction. In the future, any player that can’t spin a Blu-ray as quickly as the T is going to feel our wrath.

And to aggravate matters, the pictures are beset by a dusting of noise that oscillates gently within billboards and other areas of background scenery.

Gadgets Playeg See all. Huawei Mate X — the dazzling new flagship phone with everything February 25, Initial impressions are good. Network and Communication Ethernet Yes. Rather than a stumbling first effort, this proved to be a highly capable unit that provided good performance with PAL DVDs in addition to Blu-ray itself.


Physical Characteristics Width Not only that, but the remote also makes navigation a breeze. It also supports Bonus View so that you can use the picture-in-picture commentaries provided on some discs. Caught GandCrab or any other ransomware? On the front of the unit is a USB port, covered by a sliding panel to keep the dust out. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

If a first-time accident is a “practice,” then I guess you should be concerned. Besides a minor glitch when I first powered on the T, it never hung up or died during the whole review period and I watched scores of Blu-rays and DVDs.

This is via a USB socket on the front, which I reckon is a silly place to playwr it. Pllayer to purchase an open reel tape deck and what to do with it once you have one. NAD bills the T as having fast load times and I can attest playre it was among the fastest stand-alone players I have used. The T isn’t simply an LG deck in a different box — NAD has stamped its own personality on the internal electronics, but with limited success.

Have We Lost our Way? Its circuitry is based on the Broadcom decoder. This is the best Blue-Ray Player you can buy used to be nearly an eight hundred dollar unit! As per LG’s players, its pictures are generally watchable, but not up to the same standards as rival machines from the likes of Panasonic or Pioneer. Otherwise, it is blk like-new unit. Playing Radiohead’s OK Computer the T brings some much-needed solidity and mass to the low frequencies, but the same sharpness of both midrange and upper frequencies is apparent.

Apparently, people do trust Kaspersky February 24, The buttons are nicely spaced out, with a conveniently placed ring of menu controls, plus labelling is clear. Our experience with recent NAD two-channel efforts suggested y587 T would claw back some much-needed credibility where CD playback is concerned, but here too the NAD is a trifle disappointing. Spider-Man 3 ‘s first moving video took 35 seconds to appear after closing the disc tray, while Transformers ‘ first menu appeared after 27 seconds.


It can, and indeed did, deliver p video at 24 frames per second, providing the best possible picture quality from Blu-ray.

And with a price tag almost three times as much as your average budget deck, this is not for the cash-strapped, so let’s hope the specs and performance justify it.

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Skin tones are beautifully nuanced and strong colours boast real potency. Additional Product Features Exterior Color. But with a Blu-ray of American Gangster gratifyingly swiftly loaded, the NAD looks less comfortable with its price tag. As a first strike against Far Eastern hegemony, how does the Revies stack up?

A nice touch is that the player comes with auxiliary feet that closely resemble Vibrapods. Mix art with a weather forecast — Typified Weather Poster February 5, Firing up the player, we were greeted by a surprise — its front-end operating system is the same as LG’s BD No ratings or reviews yet.

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Quick loading of Blu-ray discs It’s got a simple, logical remote rya and easy-to-read, comprehensive on-screen set-up menus. With a Blu-ray player like this one, the USB memory is an integral part of the unit and needs to remain in place most of the time, so having it at the front is not a good idea. We were hoping for better from the Day, and not only for vaguely jingoistic reasons. Bitdefender can help February 24, The NAD’s sound performance is much better.