There are moments here that are exhilarating. Read More Posted Jan 24, Read More Posted Nov 3, Read More Posted Feb 12, Worst movie of ! Where can it go from here? It keeps on going and going, following one exciting sequence with another and then another. In the stage scenes, he makes you believe he’s Freddie Mercury.

Read More Posted Nov 12, Read More Posted Jan 22, La Grande illusion Grand Illusion San Francisco Film Critics Circle. Read More Posted Nov 3, It keeps on going and going, following one exciting sequence with another and then another.

It’s a good movie – better than good – and if you like the Coen Brothers, you should enjoy it, and if moviw don’t like the Coen Brothers, why don’t you? The effect of this is moving and profound. This is a moderately but consistently entertaining film, with but one extraordinary thing about it, which is Saoirse Ronan in the title role.

Read More Posted Nov 6, And so showtjmes now “The Upside,” has a story that finally works. Don’t have an account?

Almost every 10 minutes something unexpected happens that turns the story in an arresting new direction, and yet “Ben is Back” never once feels manipulated or mechanical. Even before the finish, it’s goosebumps all around.


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Read More Posted Feb 6, Isn’t It Romantic The Front Runner Read More Posted Dec 12, Investing in a formula, making it breathe – that’s the challenge, and “Creed II” meets it. Pike triumphs in this emotionally and physically taxing role.

The thought crosses the mind: Read More Posted Nov 21, Everybody Knows Hsowtimes lo saben Maria By Callas Read More Posted Jan 16, Read More Posted Jan 24, It’s valedictory, with a sense of the ephemeral nature of life, the inevitability of regret, and the bittersweetness of looking back on past happiness.

La Grande illusion Grand Illusion Read More Posted Jan 3, Read More Posted Oct 25, Read More Posted Feb 5, We’re presented with a world under glass, a world we can’t penetrate or inhabit, and we’re asked to follow the adventures of syowtimes doing things we don’t understand, who are engaged in a struggle we don’t care about.

What They Had Through “Cold War,” Pawlikowski shows us the beauty in an ugly time, and then he makes us wait and wonder if the characters will ever see it, too. It’s pretty good, which might sound like faint praise, but for a movie like this, pretty good is the brass ring. Read More Posted Nov 5, All warnings given, if you love Neeson’s action thrillers, you will find moments here of pleasure and amusement.


Mary Queen of Scots Read More Posted Dec 20, Read More Posted Nov 3, There’s something so deeply right about this movie, so true to the time depicted and so welcome in this moment; so light in its touch, so sfgte respectful of its characters, and so big in its spirit that the movie acquires a glow. Read More Posted Dec 19, Read More Posted Dec 11, If Beale Street Could Talk Don Juan is a glorious nut-case, played well by Depp, who mixes a faux nobleman’s hauteur with an air of gentleness and showtims.

Read More Posted Oct 30,