The communicative functions of mothers of the two groups varied significantly within groups. Higher education and economic development in Africa. For example, if the text is a narrative, the teacher describes the plot and characters, leaving students with no need or reason to read the text on their own. The decisions to switch relate to when, who is speaking to who and where it happens. Chinese characters were introduced to Japan via the Korean peninsula in the fourth century A. Activities like predicting, gap filling, creative writing, role-playing, integrating spelling with vocabulary etc can establish the necessary connection between language and literature which eventually make the teaching and learning of literature a very productive and enjoyable enterprise. Kamal Khan and Shahzad Mahmood Abstract The present study aims at identifying the issues and problems of quality assurance in Ph.

The model presents four features of second language acquisition. Through graphics and animations, science students can visualize elements that static images cannot replicate. However, no statistically significant differences were obtained. For example, students write dialogues to learn the techniques of turn-taking, negotiation, politeness, etc. With regard to conversational effect of maternal directives, earlier studies claimed that excessive expression of directives provided an impoverished input to the child and were negatively associated with language acquisition Newport et al. Sequencing in conversational openings. In the talk between Jamal and Prem Kumar, the host of the show, Hindi and English are used intermittently. Danny Boyle, the British director of Slumdog Millionaire, script writer Simon Beaufoy and co-director in India Loveleen Tandan, have also adopted code-switching for the dialogues without any qualms about using English in the Hindi movie dialogues.

The available technology tools permit two transformations.

The woods are lovely, dark, and modefn, But I have promises to keep, Language in India www. However, as the movie progresses to show the children becoming adults in a better world than the slums, more of English is used. There is little emphasis on research in languages or humanities.

C Post-reading Activities Language in India www. In addition, episoee of the data were also taken from story books and novels and my database.

Literature as Resource” in Literature and Learner: Watch …woods…fill up with snow Frozen lake Harness bells The only …sound’s the sweep Of easy wind and downy flakes Miles to go before I sleep Students may be asked to discuss these in groups or pairs as being done earlier and they may be able to recreate the imaginative world depicted in the text.


The studies on the maternal interaction in the hearing impaired children, however, have been limited and controversial. Is the poem going to be a description of the woods?

The results of the perceptions of the students about the Ph. Newport, Gleitman and Gleitman concluded that adults use shorter sentences; they do not necessarily use less complicated ones. These findings also provide evidence to support by Cross ; and Wedell- Monnig and Westerman In a project in Singapore with school students for details, see Gupta, Hvidfeldt and Saravanan,we found that the computer helped weaker episove compose longer and better organized texts.

There was a high incidence of declarative sentences, repetitions and restrictive vocabulary. It movern in this context that the idea of literature through language becomes relevant. Therefore, just like in Newar ibid similar meanings are found in category C in Manipuri. Teaching the textbook Textbooks are a resource designed for two purposes: Concepts and Practice pp. This would bring the current teaching methodologies and research trends to Pakistani students who would ultimately get benefited from them.

The study done by Pardeshi, et al. Recounting his life history to the police, Jamal is close to winning twenty million rupees. Shorter texts may be easier to use within the class time available, but longer texts provide more contextual details, and development of character and plot.

It investigated 59 French Canadian students studying English in a summer immersion course. Procedure Language in India www. Communicative strategies are normally employed to overcome inadequacies in communication and these strategies should be taught to students to cope with sociolinguistic variables in mahalwkshmi societies.

Instances of Code Switching in Indian Television Serials | B.A. Mahalakshmi Prasad –

The students of both the groups do show good level of instrumental motivation as many of them agree on the following questionnaire items: Some versions used the game format in which learners accumulate points by solving language tasks; however, these tasks remained variations of grammar exercises.

The police officer provokes and makes Jamal speak up by using English see Example 5.

They also learn how to derive meaning of a text and form a semantic chain from the key words, examine how language is used to describe a setting and create desired effects, analyze how to assess them, and also find out ways of transferring the text and reconstructing its specific and literal meaning.


What do you understand by woods? It is also important to select a text of an appropriate length. Objectives This paper aims to: He tells of adventures on the road, of vicious encounters with local gangs, and of Latika, the girl he loves. English degree programme in Pakistan. The following screen shot is a windows form application.

Just Cooking E 500,Special Episodes 1,2

Code-switching in movie dialogues is a common phenomenon in Bollywood movies nowadays. Solid and effective measures should be taken up to improve the quality of research in the field of English language. Learners will easily understand the need to use different language with different interlocutors for specific reasons when such snippets are shown.

The Academic Role of the Language Class The school and university curriculum consist of several subjects, some of which, like chemistry or history, are primarily concerned with content. Early social interaction provides the vehicle through which the child acquires the linguistic structures, the semantic content and the social uses of languages.

Objectives of Content Classes vs. A result of final English L2 Exam is collected in order to see whether or not there is a difference between the performance of F. David is of the opinion that they serve to compensate for the inadequacies of speakers and listeners in the target language which is being used.

Third, students had passive vocabulary that they were unable to tap when writing by hand. I get tea for people and… Prem: However, Kiryu argues that their study does not contain any languages from another linguistic group, the Tibeto-Burman family in Asia which may be the single linguistic group that stretches from the Far East in China to the Middle East in Pakistan. Thus, the computer seems to bring out student capabilities better than a handwritten text can.

Quality assurance is a planned and systematic review process of an institution or program to determine whether acceptable standards of education, scholarship, and infrastructure are being met, maintained and enhanced.