Ibrahim had never ever asked him for money and never displayed any sort of deference towards him. Somebody should ask the police to stop chasing shadows. The shopkeeper was booked for manslaughter but the police made a weak case against him and let him off. Finally, Karim Lala released a deep breath, looked up, and, with a smile, offered his hand. He started importing gold from Africa and the Middle East and starting selling silver bricks known as chandi ki eente to countries from where he was importing gold. Archived from the original on 26 October The Loneliness of Being Rajesh Khanna. I was amused, thinking to myself that the don had done well for himself and hired some really cultured phone attendants.

Sometimes, the don would treat these men in uniform to badam sherbet. There were other Pathans who did not own gambling dens but were affluent enough to lend money. When Dawood or his boys tried to extort money from them, they preferred giving away the money to creating a scene or worse, risking bodily harm. The caller spoke in a very polite manner. Meanwhile, the authorities at the port trust and the customs were paid off handsomely by Varda. The car, bearing the registration number BMX they had covered the license plate on the back of the car with a red cloth was making a getaway at full speed when a constable with the Esplanade Police Station, now known as the Azad Maidan Police Station, intercepted it and hauled them to the police station, where they were arrested.

Baashu Dada always held his baithaks in the afternoon when he deigned to step out of his den into his lair just outside.


My views about them are similar to that of an average Mumbaiite. Archived from the original on 17 November A Don in Love Retrieved 23 January While learning the tricks of the trade from Mastan, his fortunes grew.

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Retrieved 25 October David versus Goliath Archived from the original on 10 April Haji Mastan with his adopted son Sundar Shekhar right. But I am in need of some manpower, people who know what they are doing. Playback singer for song ” Ekla Chalo Re “. Strange that a man with so much talent and potential ended up being an antelope on the savannah, a prisoner of another country, a pawn, one that is being played by both Pakistan and many other countries including the USA, who are aware of bui activities in Pakistan.

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It was a great time to be a crime reporter. The boy from Dongri who became a don from Dubai. Pakistan is an Islamic country and the next door neighbour of India.

Once the most respected police set-ups in the country, it is now framing false cases and getting innocent people killed in fake encounters. For a man of 56, he looks fit. He does not do any business for me. A small cluster of Konkani boys fell in with Sabir, Dawood, and his brothers. Archived from the original on 26 May Archived from the original on 4 July By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Both of them immediately struck a rapport over the meal, laughing and talking like old friends.

In those years, that was a huge footprint considering the clandestine nature of the trade. Retrieved 6 August He had proven his point. Ibrahim had three brothers, Ahmed, Mehmood, and Ismail. Retrieved 26 February For men like Khalid and Raheem, it symbolised a reward for their hard labour.


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Khan had become the uncrowned leader of the Pathans in the city. While he handicapped the intelligence network—as bribes ensured that the informers in the backstreets were kept satisfied—he also ensured that the other end was well oiled. Perhaps life would have taken a different turn parrt Dawood if he could have continued his education. Pxrt started gaining entry into the trade when it was still in its early days.

When I was writing about the Mumbai mafia back then, it had I been a decade since Dawood had left its shores.

He loved the power that came by means of terrorising people and he wanted to earn pots of money by any means. Dawood was very much in spisode of his father, and yet he listened to no one other than his mother. Retrieved 19 December Retrieved 18 May By the early seventies, the teenaged Dawood had become a ringleader of a small gang of boys, consisting of his brothers Sabir and Anees, his cousin, Ali, and others like Ayyub and Rashid.