Speaking of folks who enjoy gay porn, Allison hears a scream coming from the locker room, and rushes in to find a Wet and Naked Jackson just, for lack of a better term, hanging out by the showers. Also appearing during the season are Dr. Gage Golightly has been cast as Erica Reyes, the first female werewolf in Derek’s pack. This Blog contains recaps, pop culture tidbits, personal anecdotes and generalized snarkery. Isaac drugs Jackson, and he and Erica join Stiles in interrogating his master, who speaks through him. Convinced that Lydia is the Kanima, since she displayed immunity to the creature’s toxin, Derek wants to kill her.

Although dead, Peter is able to use her to lure Derek to him at the old Hale house in order to become resurrected. Do you have a demo reel? OK, this dude is never graduating. I mean, if it walks like a douche, talks like a douche, and looks like a lizard. Retrieved August 14, In other words, Creepo is nothing more than a Young Peter.

Stephen Lunsford has been cast as Matt, a teenager with an eye for photography who has taken a stalkerish liking towards Allison.

Retrieved November 25, At Fjrodbak birthday party, Lydia spikes the punchbowl with wolfsbane petals, causing all the party attendees to hallucinate the things they fear most. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

Wait, now that I think about it, that might have actually been an important plot point. She attacks Derek and brings him to the Hale house, where Peter uses Derek’s blood to come back to life. I also appreciate your not making snakes come out of my eyeballs. Wow, that was actually clever. Meanwhile, over at Wolfpack Hideaway 2.

A fight between Scott and Jackson lands everyone involved in detention. As of Season 3, they become recurring characters, with their leader Deucalion introduced in “Tattoo”, the first episode. Source Elsewhere, Scott is taking a makeup chemistry test. Ab-tastically beautiful, though he might be, Jackson has some not so kind things to say to Allison about the state of her relationship with Scott. Michael Fjordbak is an actor, known for Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Too.


Derek realizes that the creature is a Kanima. Lahey John Wesley Shipp. This site uses cookies. Isaac’s father is murdered by a strange creature. Buy Me and You, Inc.!

As Allison’s grandfather Gerard Argent Michael Hogan comes to town for his daughter Kate Argent’s Jill Wagner funeral, he decides to avenge her death by declaring war against all werewolves, innocent or not.

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The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead. Jackson michae shocked when he exhibits inhuman strength. Well, apparently, the writers must have spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about it too.

Michael Fjordbak: Young Peter Hale

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This page was last edited on 17 Januaryat Because of the connection between the Kanima and his master, Jackson discovers he now fears water. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! After a fight with Derek’s pack, it is revealed to everyone that Jackson is the Kanima. And the only two available stalls are right next to one another? Archived from the original on August 29, Jackson, who had set up a video camera overnight to record his transformation, is upset to learn that nothing happened.

Chris begins Allison’s training to become a werewolf hunter. Scott and Allison, of course, make a huge deal about splitting up for a couple of hours, as if doing so symbolizes the beginning of the end of their relationship. Speaking of seriously amiss, Jackson is starting to look super sick and headachey. Retrieved July 24, Gerard reveals he has cancer and had planned to cure himself by becoming an Alpha werewolf.


Melissa finally sees Scott as a werewolf. Meanwhile, Jackson is hospitalized whilst developing a new stage of the Kanima, whereby he ends up in the hands of his former friends. The second season premiered after the MTV Movie Awards on June 3, and will follow the same airing schedule as the first season. Scott discovers Boyd is now a werewolf and is forced into a fight with Derek, Erica, and Isaac. When Stiles takes his jeep in for repair, he is paralyzed by the creature’s toxin and witnesses it kill the mechanic.

Lydia is loyal to Jackson and his secrets, because, in between verbally and emotionally abusing her, Jackson occasionally gives her nice kisses.

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Jackson transforms, injures Matt and Erica, and leaves a warning from his master. Do you have a demo reel? Edit Did You Know?

The second season of Teen Wolfan American supernatural drama created by Jeff Davis based upon the film of the same namepremiered on June 3, and concluded on August 13, on the MTV network. Tagged as Allison and Scottallison argentAllison’s momanimated gifsbabybathroomBatmanbreakfast clubbumper stickerburycatwomanchemistry teachercolton haynesCrystal ReedDerek HaledetentionDylan O’Brienerica and stilesfight sceneflowerfunnyGage Golightlyholland rodenhoodHouseJacksonjackson’s parentskanaimalizardLydia Martinlydia’s neighbormama argentMattmichael fjordbakMTVPeter HalerecapRestraintScott and AllisonScott McCallscreencapsscreenshotsSeason 2snakestiles and ericaStiles StilinskiTeen WolfTrailerTyler HoechlinTyler Poseywolfsbane.

To save Scott from danger after Victoria Argent learns Scott and Allison are still together, Derek ends up biting Victoria, who commits suicide before she turns into a werewolf. Jackson Whittemore Colton Haynesbitten by Derek Hale at the end of Season 1, shows signs of rejecting Derek’s bite, but the reason is a mystery.

At the championship lacrosse game, Gerard threatens to murder someone with the Kanima if Scott does not bring Derek to him by the game’s end.