In essence, Ethan’s and Charlie’s struggle really stems from her inner battle against ragin need and his desperation to provide. Jun 13, Erinaceina rated it really liked it Shelves: Colin on the other side is the only vampire who can walk in the sun. That didn’t keep me from wanting to put her through some shit, though. This is a series nicely balanced: He disappeared a moment later.

She comes a long way in this book and every scene she was in was heartbreaking from her bare feet to her fighting for control. Nothing about Alice is typical “romance heroine”; she’s overtly creepy, moves like a spider, maintains her Victorian sense of modesty, and can wield a wicked blade. She also loses her sister to the blandishments of a demon: When Lucifer reveal Ethan “Drifter” McCabe, a sigh-worthy Guardian who manages to bring sexy back to suspenders– Wait, were suspenders ever sexy? I thought that Ms Brook paced the apparition of past characters quite well and didn’t overdo it. You are the only one for me, for as long as I live. Devious scheming and bickering-turned-banter abound. That series guide is also on my website, including a “The Story So Far” feature, which allows you to catch up on all of the books that previously released in the series if you start after the first installm Book info:

I don’t know if it was just Jake lashing out or I was worried when I initially started reading Guardian Demon because my intended re-read of the entire series failed to happen.

The background is a gritty urban buildings at night. Brook always shows, never tells. From then on they meet sporadically through time and a rivalry develops but becomes something more. Jul 31, Calypso Harmon rated it it was ok. The nephilim are hunting Anaria and the Guardians must find her first.

Although the storyline is second fiddle to the love grook for meit was also well constructed and planned. I was already wondering what she’d do and whom she’d use as the big-bad-motherf-cking evil after having closed the gates to hell, but this was unexpected and I’m very curious about what’s going gaurdian happen next.

Sofia was Gemma’s grandmother and she had been the housekeeper for Rosalia and her vampire family at the abbey for years until her death. It will leave you amazingly satisfied yet wanting more. I will give props to this book having a huge plot twist in it halfway through that I won’t spoil.


Jan 22, The Window Seat rated it really liked it. Four centuries ago, Guardians Irena and Alejandro would have succumbed to the need burning between them — if a demon and a monstrous bargain hadn’t shattered the possibility of love. It was predictable, yet surprising. And because he must drink from a new human each night Both of the leads have suffered a great guardia of loss and both losses are tinged by guilt. I received a copy of this book from the publisher for purposes of a review.

Those friendships are quite old though and Colin hasn’t really tried to form new ones a long time. Both of these characters have a lot of baggage from their lives and afterlives that they are bringing into this partnership. These are real men and women who overcome enormous obstacles, learn the mea Epic finale to a beloved series.

Demon Forged

As a vampire, Colin must feed each night. Despite the odds against her, Charlie has survived and although goodeads is vulnerable and somewhat insecure, she makes huge strides in developing her self worth which in turn strengthens her bonds with the people she cares about and gives her the confidence she needs to maintain control of her life.

Brook explored some new angles. These two are very strong willed individuals, and because of that, they are constantly at odds with one another. Held for a year and a half as an endless blood fount for a group of nosferatu, Rosalia was released to find her family destroyed.

I know that you will do what you think right, even at great personal cost and despite your own wishes—even if a dragon has you seires against a stone. I love that he sees past all of her weirdness and her whole deal-with-the-devil thing… and really goes all in to win her heart and save her soul. Jake’s and Alice’s temple discoveries eventually lead them to Hell and into the hands of Beliel.

I think I will wait a while to read that book since it’s another six months until the final book – Michael’s book!!! I liked everything I read but just didn’t actually care to read I can’t really seriss this because I didn’t read all of it. The one person most willing to work with him was Rosalia.


I loved the action and all the new and exciting surprises that were delivered to meljewn. I thoroughly enjoyed reading both of them as events and intensity increased. To view it, click here. I liked the dynamic between Alice and Jake better than the last book, these books seem to be better for me when the woman is in more of the power position.

At one point, right before the denouement, I was actually feeling a bit anxious. We’d have to go back to the final Harry Potter, and now, Guardian Demon. Feb 18, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: Caelum is the brook home of the Guardians. The couple focus here is on Rosalia and Deacon and is based in Rome. Caym is the one who beat Deacon.

My Take A good story with some well-deserved triumphs. The world she has created is very complicated with lots of history and mythology. I am now convinced that woman can write anything and I’ll go along with it.

Lindsey Hawkins is his great-granddaughter. She’s a computer genius who relies on her intelligence to get her out of the situations she finds herself in. Any weapon they have is available whenever they need it, but when not in use it can just be sent to this mysterious Hammerspace that is not actually on their body.

Guardian Demon (The Guardians, #8) by Meljean Brook

When the demons destroyed the community anyway, Deacon set out on a mission of vengeance to make the demons pay for the lives of his vampire community. Too disjointed, it was often hard to tell what happened. Blood, thick and young and heady. But then, why not compare him to other paranormal heroes?