This Marshall guitar amp head delivers precise control and superb flexibility without masking your guitar’s own sound. Ho, a good amp all good boi Marshall’s MG series is fundamentally important to the company. Damping Make it sound like your using 2 completely different amplifiers. Write a user review Ask for a user review. They benefit hugely from the on-board effects, with the ability to marry both a delay and reverb with the modulation effects.

Even a quick blast reveals plenty of headroom and versatility and, once you start getting deeper, you can’t help but be impressed by the choices that are available. The frequency-dependent damping circuit of this Marshall electric amp reproduces the same interaction between amplifier and speaker to deliver amazing sound. Why you wold need watts of solid state power is beyond me. Show less Show more. Ho, a good amp all good boi A portable and versatile head that’d be ideal for first-time giggers who can’t quite stretch to a DSL or VM model. It is pretty loud and nice sounding thru the cabinet which I use. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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Marshall Performance Guitar Amplifiers. MG4, a totally new, completely redesigned range that sticks vehemently to an analogue design for the amp tones, meaning no digital recreations of amps of yore whatsoever. The item may be a factory second or a new, unused item with defects or irregularities.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. This may seem a very familiar configuration, but remember where in the market these amps are aimed and that there are no pesky amp, cab and mic models to choose, select, tailor and store. Their JVM series amp sounds ok but nothing great or spectacular.

These effects are the basic most heavily used effects that any guitar player would use on a recording session or in a live band setting.

Time to have a look at the class ofthen…. Best Selling in Guitar Amplifiers See all. I stick that 9 stompware because the original is not included.

Even bugera, normally not very developed, should, according to the models, have better sound in reserve.

The crunch tones are a weak point. As recompense, a switchable damping option is provided that subtly alters the way in which the power section reacts to your playing. The clean tones are decent. When switched out the amp is designed to feel akin to a classic Marshall, while flicking it on gives a more modern, compressed response. It is pretty loud and nice sounding thru the cabinet which I use. There’s also a tap tempo function for use with the delay and each can be turned off completely with one of three switches.


Marshall Hybrid Guitar Amplifiers. Switching Damping On will boost the speaker resonances both in the bass and high frequency ranges. You can even save setting on these channels. I would not gig with this thing or bring it out to any band I was trying out for.

A portable and versatile head that’d be ideal for first-time giggers who can’t quite stretch to a DSL or VM model. You get a very usable sound out of these effects and make it easier to not have to carry around a pedal board to you gig or rehearsal.

Distortion is filthy and drowned in a kind of slick slimy disgusting.

An amp that will hold all your life and will in any case some value in the future! Ho, a good amp all good boi Show More Show Less. You could however just use a stomp box which give alot of adjustablity usually. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The chorus reivew, the phaser throbs and the flanger… well… flanges.

The footswitch’s LED and status panel show you which effects and features you have for each of the four patches. Using a Strat’s fourth position the reverb is deep and the delay, although not offering quite as lengthy a feedback as we’d have liked, is simple to control.

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Four individual channels that can have storable settings is really a great feature. However, that classic white logo and gold livery still does something unexplainable to many guitarists and, if you’re in the market for your first head and cab the MGHFX is a strong contender. For damping, yeah there is not no shit that has changed the sound giving it depth, but this is not to fall down.

I find that crunch tones like that rely on subtle tube breakup to sound good He amplifeir to apologise for getting into it so much – no moans here Doug! Marshall has gone way down hill in recent years. The new MG range produces the type of tone other amplifiers can only try to imitate. This watt head is kept company at the top of the range by 1 x 100d and 2 x12 combo versions marshal, MGFX and MGFX and they all offer the same selection of features.


For the price, this is an amazing amplifier. It’s a little hard to marshzll the sound just right due to the lack of adjustable settings. Perhaps, but given that there’s a Marshall simulation in every modelling amp ever made, you can see where the big M is coming from.

Marshall MG100HFX 100 watt Guitar Amp

Why you wold need watts of solid state power is beyond me. The lack of definition and fidelity of the game the player or the instrument itself, is not transcribed accurately. As far as the versatility of the range goes, we’re blown away.

I would recommend this amp to anyone guutar a loud practice amp. Gkitar criticism is that the amp does suffer some background noise, even set clean. Image 2 of 2 That iconic livery.

The clean is not bright and ugly. It will not quite make it completely accurate but will have enough boost int he tone to make it worth listening too. The key to the system is the Stompware footswitch that’s included with all MG amps down to the MG50FX and is available as an optional extra for use with the smaller amps too. You can buy a real amp shop with this award. This gives the tone a bit more girth and beef that makes for the tone to be more like a tube valve amp.

Ok, found the amp shop across the street, and yet it will be a true british crunch with real distortion and should, approximately, into a small thirty years. We find it hard to conceive of any player not enjoying the tones: But even an ordinary transistor or a Tech21 blackstar HT40 offer you more feeling.