If you are looking for news from your home town, trust Maalaimalar. Lalithamba from India Pterocarpus santalinus L. While the mist cleared and the sun rays warmed our spirits,the birds songs became louder. View original post more words. Pterocarpus santalinus- Red Sanders. Thus, Achyranthes aspera is proved to be a multipurpose medicinal agent, thus instrumental in curing large number of ailments. We do care about your wellbeing. Honey bee dancing, perhaps the most intriguing aspect of their biology, is also one of the most fascinating behaviors in animal life.

The bees did not build a hive last time, they had dispersed after spending a few hours on the tree. Lalithamba from India Pterocarpus santalinus L. Kids are exposed to the wood which has high medicinal value. It is seen from the literature that Achyranthes aspera is a very important plant for its large number of medicinal properties. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It was based on the belief that all Creations of Nature are worthy of respect and preservation. I like to observe insects, butterflies, birds and trees and their interconnections with each other.

Meanwhile the book had captured the imaginations of others at BLT and the idea of a foot tapping musical was brewing. Achyranthes aspera with inset of the twig used for Sudarshana Homam. Lalithamba from India Pterocarpus santalinus L.

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Marapacbi chips in clearing the hollow. It was based on the belief that all Creations of Nature are worthy of respect and preservation. There is also a tradition of parents gifting their married daughter Marapachi bommai so that she can start Navratri Kolu display in her house.

Woodpecker Posted by Poornima Kannan on June 29, By signaling both distance and direction with particular movements, the worker bee uses the dance language onlije recruit and direct other workers in gathering pollen and nectar. View original post more words. The youngster penguins confront the older penguins about changes taking place in their environment.


Suddenly I noticed a swarm of bees forming a honeycomb like structure on the Copper pod tree outside the balcony. It is endemic to India and considered globally endangered, with illegal harvest being a key threat. However, in most species the male does most of the nest excavation and takes the night shift while incubating the eggs. Q Who is this play for? This elephant was watching us. In the evening women in neighborhood invite each other to visit their homes to view Kolu displays, they exchange gifts and sweets.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The oldsters are in a state of denial! While the mist cleared and the sun rays warmed our spirits,the birds songs became louder. The significance of this particular gift made of Marapachi doll in red sandal wood is stated to be the medicinal quality of the wood.

Retrieved from ” https: Awesome post by Sugandhi and Rana. The feeding behaviour of Asiatic elephant Elephas maximus with food reference was studied in Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha during to onlkne Increased demand mzrapachi the global market is the reason for its large scale smuggling.

What does this mean? He is a bestselling author, a management guru, an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and a Harvard professor. Achyrantes aspera is the botanical name of this plant.

Woodpecker disappeared inside a hole. Do join us in this wonderful endeavor!

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Red sanders [CC BY 2. Tirupathi is one of the locations where it is specially ornamentally carved, and the dolls are stated to marwpachi Venkateshwara and his consort. On a closer look, I realized that they were a swarm of Apis dorsata.


A The price of one ticket is Rs. Is it a book? Q When and where do we get to see this play? In the s, the late Mr. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These current initiatives are based on long-term — scientific monitoring of elephants.

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Woodpecker flying inside the hollow and started throwing chunks of wood. For a detailed report on smuggling of Red Sanders click here. Woodpecker throwing wood stubs out of the hollow. A If you are over 8 years of age we are sure you will enjoy watching this play just as much as we have enjoyed making it! The Marapachi dolls in my Mothers house.

The annual flagship fundraising production is one part of this partnership. Careya arborea has very good antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Apis dorsata1 March You could get know more here Google Books: As I was pondering about the importance of these sacred amrapachi, it so happened that we had marapqchi annual Sudarshana homam at my place. The same plant a member of the borage family also happens to be brewed by Kenyan women to make a labor-inducing tea.

The red wood yields a natural dye santalin, which is used onlie coloring pharmaceutical preparations and foodstuffs. Maalaimalar Tamil brings you the mara;achi Tamil news from India and rest of the World.