The doctors have also concluded that Manu was responsible for “curing” Devika, and she says that is why she has returned to him; but Manu says that he himself is deemed to be uncured, and insane – being laughed at by society. His demonstration goes off well, but a police car chasing a criminal on a motorbike suddenly drives onto the machine, which causes the car to flip over, and in fact nearly kills the constables inside. The costumes worn by the lead pair was prominently noticed, especially in the song “Ello Maleyaagideyandu”. The experimental designs in the song “ondu kanasu” was especially praised. Devika construes this as Manu’s betrayal, and of the disingenuousness of his love, and spurns him. Introduction and Plot Summary from Wikipedia – See more on en.

Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. Introduction and Plot Summary from Wikipedia – See more on en. Bhamini gets married to a software engineer, and at the wedding reception, tells Manu that she loves him, but couldn’t live with him given his status. Nonetheless, Manu – with Shankrappa’s assistance, carries Devika to an ambulance, and drives it out of the asylum. It changes his romantic image to actio Puneeth Rajkumar, Srinagar Kitty, Yogesh.

Will Vishal be able to start afresh with any other girl? The guards notice him and take him as the escapee. Two men lighter mwnasaare thoughts and heavier on clothes like to live life on father’s Diganth, Sindhu Lokanath, Samyuktha Hornadu. The inmates cause a commotion in the van, the guards loose order of the inmates’ paperwork and photographs but the inmates are subdued by the guards.


Retrieved from ” https: Manohar is forcibly taken to manasaade Kaamanabillu asylum. This manifests itself as aggressive behaviour from time to time, where she stabs any man she deems dangerous.

KKShreya Ghoshal. Manu’s life is thrown out of gear, as he realizes that he has no choice but to live the life of a lunatic, although he is not. Manasaare is available to stream on SUN Nxt.

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Simple Agi Ondh Love Story Shankrappa is well aware of the doctors’ tendency to perform the exact opposite to what he request them to do – since they perceive him to be insane – and he uses this to get them all sent for electro-shock therapy since the EST room is within the women’s wing. There’s a chance that you’ll be cured of madness, which is something that others outside don’t have.

Sun Nxt Manassaare Movies. Manu was near the van when the guards went after the escapee. While they are visiting the intended’s family, a baby next to Manu begins urinating. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed.

Software Ganda is a Kannada-language Indian comedy drama film directed and He is Known for making family entertainme The movie was the one of biggest hit of the year Satish drives off leaving behind Manohar.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Starring Diganth Manchale ohline, Aindrita Ray. She also asks him to do something with his life, and not throw it away by spending his time criticizing the people around him.


While they are visiting the intended’s family, a baby next to Manu begins urinating. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Although he escapes, he changes his mind and returns to the asylum to pursue a relationship with her. Struggling to find a foot in the start-up scene, two aspiring entrepreneurs are knline in a vicious loop of investigative trials following an unprecedented crime. Both abscond together, few feelings shared and few memories cried out, bring them closer.

His stunt at escaping co incides with meeting of lady love, a patient of tortured past. The film begins with police arriving at Shivarudre Gowda’s P.

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Release Date 25 SEP On the way, at Devika’s insistence, they take a temporary detour to her childhood home, where Devika has a flashback – onilne her uncaring father who drove her mother to suicide. College life is always fun, trivial issues also get imprinted in our memory, lik His condition of blabbering useless words in unconscious state leads to misunderstanding which ends up at mental asylum.

Manohara “Manu” Diganth is an orphaned, unemployed young man, who is often looked down on upon by his family. However, once the escaped inmate Mahendra is caught, and brought to the asylum by the police Mahendra is a murdererthe staff realise their mix-up.