Original leather case is in great shape. The lens’s f-stop and focus rings work smoothly. Film Pressure Plate The shutter speeds are accurate. Mamiya did not publish details of meter cut-off points in the camera’s instruction manual. It’s just a personal view and somewhat tongue-in-cheek , but Mamiya were good at making big cameras, and did not seem to know how to make them small. When taking an ” Average ” reading, the picture should be composed before the exposure is adjusted.

When I found it, it was at least 29 years old. While pressing the film advance lever toward the camera body as far as it will go, rotate the aperture ring Located on the lens until the needle at the right of the finder is centered between the open ends of the reversed letter ” C ” refer to Figure P. If for any reason you are not sure that the film has been totally rewound back into the cartridge, continue to hold tension on the rewind crank and at the same time advance the film advance lever a full stroke. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I never shot it; I just sold it. Two separate metering systems with one CdS meter cell positioned on the back of the reflex mirror spot system , and one cell located on each side of the viewfinder eyepiece, in the penta-prism housing averaging system. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

To replace, use one of filn following Silver Oxide batteries: Film Take Up Spool This page was last edited on 15 Februaryat If the switch is up the camera is set to spot meter, which will meter only the area within the little circle in the middle of the screen.

There are engravings and markings on the bottom of the camera, please see pictures. The user pulls the lever away from the body until it clicks; after which, pressing the lever inwards against spring pressure stops down the lens and activates the meter circuit. It’s just a personal view and somewhat tongue-in-cheekbut Mamiya were good at making big cameras, and did not seem to mamuya how to make them small.


Thirdly, it takes a meter reading when pushed towards the body.

Comes with Mamiya case! If for any reason you are not sure that the film has been totally rewound back into the cartridge, continue to hold tension on the rewind crank and at the same time advance the film advance lever a full stroke.

Since the same image is transmitted to the eye as to the film, parallax is eliminated. The back of the camera unlocks by a slide on the eekor side.

This is my second Mamiya — my other is the Mamiya Korvette.

Mamiya/Sekor 500DTL

Refer now to the exposure counter 4 window. Still We have hope. Flash synchronization chart is not included since flash bulbs are no longer available. Skip to main content. Otherwise, the two cameras are identical. Yes it is biggish, and it is boxy, but it’s also well made, solid, and rather likeable. The user manual warns that, when changing lenses, always LOCK the meter in the OFF position by depressing the button on top of the film advance lever: Metering systems also accurately measure light transmitted through non-automatic lenses, bellows, extension tubes, filters and other lens attachments.

On the side of the lens makiya are two PC sockets for flash. The selection of a terminal depends upon the type of flash used, as well as shutter speed. Unit has signs of use. It used one system for measuring the light. First, I scraped out the bulk of the ex-foam from the channels fiml sits in. Focus on the subject area. Please login to leave a comment.

The subject is registered on the film exactly as it is seen by the photographer. What this means is that if a picture is taken with the lens focused at 30 ft. No funny business, just a whole heap of Lomography love right to your inbox.


Everybody, This is the Mamiya/Sekor 500DTL

In both options, correct exposure is set via a viewfinder centre-the-needle system. Meter Cut Off Points. The lower one is seoor electronic flash and is marked X. However, as indicated by Figure J. Activating the meter and setting the exposure is accomplished as referenced above. Not sure if there is film in it.

You got a light meter or not. DO NOT tighten cover with a coin.

Digital to Film: Mamiya/Sekor DTL Review

The shutter is automatically cocked when the film advance lever is moved to its farthest point. At this age, the meter needs to have the aperture rtl the shooting value stop-down metering so the image in the viewfinder can get rather dark and the reversed C hard to see. Wherever I go I am drawn to cemeteries, as the culture of death always tells a lot about the people, who live it.

Then I removed the residue with a cotton bud soaked in naphtha.

Mamiya DTL , DTL instruction manual, free camera PDF manual

By changing the focus while the lens diaphragm is stopped down, you can select the area of sharpness in your picture. Back us on Kickstarter. This is a tale of life and death in the Philippines.

Or, be sure there is a battery in the camera. Once sekof light reading has been taken and the exposure parameters set, a scene can be viewed through a wide open lens and, when the shutter is tripped, the lens gilm stops down again to the set aperture for the moment of exposure Thanks for explaining the metering, either I couldn’t figure it out or the battery was dead.

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