Get on the Bus Chi-Raq was the first original film to be distributed by Amazon Studios [20] In addition Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate partnered with the company for a limited release in theaters on December 4, , with the film premiering on Amazon Instant Video shortly after. Learn more More Like This. Very much enjoyed your analysis! Five award-winning short films about people from diverse walks of life you should watch. The November film trailer was controversial. Two young men pass the time dreaming of the promised land.

As Spike Lee and Kevin Willmott comment in interviews shortly after the release of the film, a nascent version of this film was written thirteen years ago as Gotta Give It Up , but this earlier version, set in unspecified urban America, could not entice production studios. User Polls That’s a Record! Soon after his transformation he In all the controversy over the name, no one seems to credit Lee with the layered allusion to the Peloponnesian War in choosing the name Chi-Raq. Edit Details Official Sites: The Brennan report stipulates that the weak economies high poverty and unemployment in Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D. The idea of black women using their culturally stereotyped sexuality to control rates of black male violence which are presumed to have reached war zone levels in this film despite lowered national crime rates in reality is patently absurd and would be perceived as a racist move had this film not been made by a black man. She Hate Me

Loading comments… Trouble loading? Soon after his transformation he Despite berating their men and hurling insults for their apathy, both Chi-Raq and Cyclops find resistance within their own gangs. Topics Chi-Raq Peter Bradshaw’s film of the week. Commissioner Blades Tony Fitzpatrick The effect is more conventional and theatrical. Show 25 25 50 All.


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Dries Van Noten — Baton. Two young men pass the time dreaming of the promised land. So swear you one and all? Greek Comedy and Ideology. Mayor McCloud Dave Chappelle Lysistrata in mmovie In contrast to Aristophanes, Lee deliberately avoids allowing his audience to escape the emergency of the situation by interweaving into the Aristophanic drama a narrative thread that constantly pierces the fantasy and draws the audience back to reality. Retrieved November 23, Spike Lee really hits just a single note in this movie, but he hits it harder and longer and to more effect than many other directors could have done: Was this review helpful to you?


The Confederate States of America For an outline of the arguments, see Heath Any mistakes that remain are entirely my own. In key scenes in the film, Lee even used Chicago mothers holding up pictures of the children they had lost to gun violence 1: Spike Lee might be a black man, but he is clearly out of touch with the reality of being black or black and female in America. Despite a laudably all-black cast, this movie conveniently ignores the reality that male violence is not women’s responsibility to deal with, and black male violence is likewise, not black women’s responsibility.

Chi-Raq review – Spike Lee’s rage-filled, sex-strike comic drama

Trivia Pronounced “shy-RACK”, the title moive a portmanteau of “Iraq” and “Chicago”, used by South Side Chicago residents to refer to the area comparing it to a war zone, due to its high crime rates. Ancient Comedy and Reception: What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? My son got shot. February 27 0 Comments. No peace, no piece.


Despite its enormous membership, the Spartans and the Trojans refuse to cease their war. Search for ” Chi-Raq ” on Amazon.

This shit here, this Trojan-Spartan shit, Man, we gotta—we gotta ltsistrata this shit down, man. The plan backfires as it only escalates the crisis rather than alleviates it. Site hosted by the Center for Hellenic Studies. Chief Riptide Anya Engel-Adams Black women already bear much of society’s scorn and shame; The black woman is the welfare queen, the irresponsible teen mother, the whore.

City residents and City Council members requested that Lee change the name of the film, lysisttata threatened to withhold tax credits that the filmmaker would receive from the city. After the devastating defeat in Sicily in and the subsequent defection of numerous allies, Athens was only beginning to rebuild her naval power and recover some of the ground she had recently lost to Sparta by the end of