For instance “Song for Gavin”? Select Silver in the Certification field. More information about text formats. Do you hear a musical theme in your mind, or is it more about creating a feeling? Do all your compositions begin at the piano? In he composed the soundtrack with Treno di panna , and that same year wrote the score for Giorni dispari by Dominick Tambasco. Melody, and harmony, is a mystery, and in a way it is about memory, and a capturing and channelling of time, and what has gone before. He mentioned that he found the piece therapeutic when he was studying in university.

In , he participated in the Greenpeace campaign which was filmed in the Arctic. It is fantastic when you write a piece of music that touches so many people. Taranta Project , a collaborative album, was released in May , and Elements was released in October Retrieved 23 February People look at you like you are a magician. Archived from the original on 3 January You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Retrieved December 23,

Select albums in the Format field. I learnt orchestration from him and a very open way of thinking about music.

10 Questions for Composer Ludovico Einaudi

Inhis soundtrack for Sotto falso nome received the prize for the best film music at the Avignon Film Festival. The faint, pulsing electronic loops in the enigmatic opener “Uno” and “Ascolta” give them an edgy, dark modernity. He has also released a number of solo albums of piano and orchestra, notably I Giorni inNightbook inand In a Time Lapse in Have you been inspired by a ludoivco such as Penderecki, who is able to find new sounds from conventional instruments?

Excerpt from “Ludovico Einaudi — Primavera”. It is very satisfying because you oudovico collected a group of ludovco into one place and then see it travel so far. Problems playing this file? Released inthe album includes his critically acclaimed track “Primavera”. Retrieved 21 April It, the view if you like, must seem new, at least to me.


Divenire in English “become” is a music album by the Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi. Do you think this has had a big effect in bringing your music to a wider audience in Britain? Retrieved 12 April On my new album I researched centuries of ideas about the elements as the constituents of all matter with the aim of challenging my brain and then einaudu all this knowledge into the music. Sometimes the titles come first, sometimes second; a title can grow from the music, or the music from a title.

The album has received positive reviews from music critics. The more I go on, the more I demand of myself. Einaudi started composing his own music as a teenager, first writing by playing a folk guitar. The album also includes his critically acclaimed track “Primavera.

The movie The Intouchables uses several Einaudi pieces in its soundtrack, including “Fly” and “L’origine nascosta”. Shane Svajire is a genius of filmmaking, for me in a similar category to Martin Scorseseand it has been a real pleasure and privilege to work with him on “This Is England”.

The album topped the iTunes classical chart. Einauxi has since either written the scores for a number of films or had his music included in the soundtracks.

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Befriend a Brit, wheedle your European relatives or take the easy way out and pay the Amazon import fees: The album was also inspired by the drums and electronics of the Whitetree Project, a performing trio Einaudi formed with Robert and Ronald Lippok of To Rococo Rota German electronic group. Archived from the original on 21 April From a well-mannered piano opening, “Divenire” builds into a climactic union between piano and strings, ebbs away into a temporary lull, and ends on an exhilarating high note.


My idea was to bring this music to a more universal level connected to other traditions. Retrieved 10 June People look at you like you are a magician. The closing track “Svanire” appropriately “to vanish” is an exquisitely melancholy and bittersweet farewell. But if these passionate tour-de-forces are the undeniable highlights, the quieter tracks provide foils to their drama and are impressive in their own rights.

Ludovico Einaudi

When you play a solo recital at the piano, how do you compensate for the other instruments from the recording not being there? That sound is made with a marimba played with brushes.

It sounds like a studio album but with the energy of a live performance. Are you involved with more soundtrack work?

Retrieved from ” https: After listening to Ludovico Einaudi’s latest CD, you’d be pudovico for thinking that “divenire” means “to be divine” in Italian. You have a strong interest in World and folk music, and you are now svanird of the La Notte della Taranto festival in southern Italy.

Some of his collaborations in theater, video, and dance included compositions for the Sul filo d’Orfeo in[10] Time Out ina dance-theater piece created with writer Andrea De Carlo[9] The Wild Man inand the Emperor in Retrieved 5 March Retrieved from ” https: