Good Doctor Korean Drama. So people really felt the sensation of Jang Keun Suk and Yoona. Dongwook seems like a pushy type of character. And the end of ep Jo November 17, at 6: Naked Fireman Korean Drama. Hahaha…we are all eels in his trap.. The difference will be in how Sun Ho handles that – does he bulldoze ahead to date Ha Na like his father did with Yoon Hee or does he try to help these two?

The plot for me, is not flat and obvious— it is not just focused on the cute and cuddly, rich guy-poor girl scenario like other Korean series i have seen. Love for Beginners Japanese Movie. Some variety shows try to invite him After some fighting against the bandits that are after the king and queen, the queen finaly wakes up. I wanna see more interaction between them and I wanna see them kiss in episode 9. The Team H parties last year are not cancelled but postponed…. Ondubu January 2, at 5: Haeundae Lovers Korean Drama.

I love JKS’ first solo picture there! They are definitely in it for the money, not that they shouldn’t be. He is so busy with his concert tour with Team H. Remember — War of the Son Korean Drama. But Jang Keun Suk is an exception; kimchidraama will say hi to the fans and use his special way to comfort fans that come from faraway. Along With the Gods: I think Yoon Hee has something wrong with her eyes. He is that kind of artist, that kind of man.

I am glad that now Yoona and Jang Geun Suk and brought into the present time and everything seems to move faster – which is a good thing because then we’ll have more people watching this show! I can see why the writer wanted YoonA in the third picture.


From the past 6 months my day starts with this blog. Princess Jellyfish Japanese Movie. And the more Epispde was in love in his performance in Love Rain, and my roommate kept on laughing why I watched the live streaming of Love Rain even if there was no subtitle available. I guess there is difference in expectations between Filipino and Korean drama lovers.

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Marmalade Boy Japanese Movie. This is my first time watching it! Takane no Hana Japanese Drama. Then she gets to pick clothes she likes and starts relaxing and even smiles. I discovered him when I was still in New York City, while struggling in my very stressful work.

I cant get enough of rooftop prince! The King has orderd them to get her back. U r the best fans in this world. The expressions he gives in each n every scene of LR r excellent.

She lost her mom not to long ago too… Time pases and they both grow up in different worlds, Su-Ho under a new name Jae-Ha and he becomes a famous piano-player. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. For the past few days, i was able to watch some of JKS drama and movie.

Will Lian and Gong Xi become a couple or just be friends? Seo In Guk Main Cast. One Week Friends Japanese Movie. She feels abandoned by him and is very sad. He said he made a promise and he is sure to keep it; he is a man of his words…so concert s in the USA will happen sooner or later. I just have to know what kimchjdrama next. I didnt expect this drama could be this good.


It showes love, and trust, and I can recomend you to see it!

Chiisana Kyojin Japanese Drama. And may it be so that the girls really are blood-relatives even now in present time? Actually she is quite average. Shinjitsu no Tobira Japanese Drama. Fabricated City Korean Movie. Personal Taste Raih Drama.

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She wants Jae-Ha for her self and she puts up a fight for someone that is not in love with lovr. I really want the ratings to increase because the loe is getting better. Roaring Currents Korean Movie. Inspiring Generation Korean Drama.

Yoona has met the challenge of playing two different roles in the same drama. My friends and I love all ur movies by the u looking like a girl. Since there are 20 episodes right? Dream High 2 Korean Drama. Rani could be wrong but most idols don’t get acting jobs because they’re good actors but because they’re idols. Goddess of Fire Korean Drama. And hope you to come here in philippines,i am your 1 fan.

I can see her doing all sorts of nasty things to keep them apart.